JFA Academy Fukushima LSC

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JFA Academy Fukushima LSC
Full nameJFA Academy Fukushima LSC
Ground Naraha, Fukushima, Japan
League Challenge League
2019 Nadeshiko Div.3, 9th

JFA Academy Fukushima LSC (JFAアカデミー福島) is a Japanese women's football team which plays Japan Women's Football League from 2010.


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Emperors Cup

The Emperor's Cup JFA All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament, commonly known as The Emperor's Cup or The Emperor's Cup Soccer, or also Japan FA Cup is a Japanese football competition. It has the longest tradition of any football tournament in Japan, dating back to 1921, before the formation of the J.League, Japan Football League and their predecessor, Japan Soccer League. Before World War II, teams could qualify not only from Japan proper but also from Korea, Taiwan, and sometimes Manchukuo. The women's counterpart is the Empress's Cup.

Japan Football Association sports governing body

The Japan Football Association or Japan FA is the governing body responsible for the administration of football in Japan. It is responsible for the national team as well as club competitions.

Nadeshiko League Japanese association football league

The Nadeshiko League, officially Japan Women's Football League is the top flight of women's association football in Japan. The league's former English name was L.League. The league consists of three divisions: Divisions 1 and 2 are named Nadeshiko League and Division 3 the Challenge League. Since 2008 it has been sponsored by Plenus (株式会社プレナス), a fast food company based in Fukuoka, and are thus billed as Plenus Nadeshiko League and Plenus Challenge League.

The Empress's Cup All-Japan Women's Soccer Championship Tournament, or The Empress's Cup, is a Japanese Women's football competition. As an elimination tournament, it can be considered the female counterpart to the men's Emperor's Cup. The name "Empress's Cup" has been used since the 2012 season as the Empress's Cup trophy was founded in that year.

The J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship is an annual intercontinental football match held in Japan, contested by the reigning champions of the J.League Cup and the Copa Sudamericana.

The Japanese Regional Football League Competition is a nationwide play-off tournament meant as a transition for Japanese football clubs competing in regional leagues to the top tier for amateur clubs, the Japan Football League.

The Japan national under-20 football team is a national association football team of Japan and is controlled by the Japan Football Association..

The Japan national under-17 football team is a national association football youth team of Japan and is controlled by the Japan Football Association. The team were champions in the 1994 and 2006 AFC U-17 Championships, as well as the 2012 AFF U-16 Youth Championship.

Japan womens national futsal team

The Japan women's national futsal team represents Japan in international women's futsal competitions and is controlled by the Japan Football Association. It is one of the strongest teams in Asia as the champions of the 2007, 2009 and 2013 Asian Indoor Games.

Mana Iwabuchi Japanese association football player

Mana Iwabuchi is a Japanese football player. She plays for INAC Kobe Leonessa and Japan national team.

Mizuho Sakaguchi Japanese association football player

Mizuho Sakaguchi is a Japanese football player. She plays for Nippon TV Beleza. She also plays for the Japan national team.

Yuika Sugasawa Japanese association football player

Yuika Sugasawa is a Japanese football player. She plays for Urawa Reds. She also plays for Japan national team.

The Japan women's national under-17 football team is a national association football youth team of Japan and is controlled by the Japan Football Association.

This article lists the results and fixtures for the Japan women's national football team.

The Japan national football team in 2017, managed by head coach Vahid Halilhodžić compete in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Third Round and 2017 EAFF E-1 Football Championship among international friendly matches both at home and abroad.

The All Japan High School Women's Soccer Tournament of Japan is an annual nationwide high school association football tournament organized by the Japan Football Association.

Japan 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup bid

The Japan bid for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup was a bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup by Japan Football Association (JFA). The single bid was announced on 12 December 2019. The bid entailed 8 venues in 8 host cities, with a final to have been played in Tokyo at the New National Stadium. The bid was withdrawn on 22 June 2020, with the JFA indicating support for the Australia-New Zealand bid.

The 2020 Emperor's Cup will be the 100th edition of the annual Japanese national football cup tournament. The tournament, originally scheduled to begin on 23 May, was rescheduled to begin on 16 September and to end with the final on 1 January 2021 at the National Stadium.

The WE League (WEリーグ[うぃーりーぐ]), officially Women Empowerment League (日本女子サッカーリーグ), will be the top flight of women's association football in Japan, starting from the 2021–22 season. It will be the first professional women's football league in Japan.