Jack McEvoy

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Jack McEvoy
First appearance The Poet (1996)
Created by Michael Connelly
In-universe information
Full nameJohn McEvoy
SpouseKeisha Russell (divorced)
RelativesTom McAvoy (father)
Millie McAvoy (mother)
Sarah McEvoy (sister; deceased)
Sean McEvoy (twin brother)

John "Jack" McEvoy is a literary character created by Michael Connelly in the 1996 novel The Poet and starring again in the sequel the Scarecrow thirteen years later. In the interim, McEvoy appeared in one Harry Bosch novel 2001's A Darkness More Than Night and one Mickey Haller novel 2008's The Brass Verdict . McEvoy starred again in Connelly's 2020 novel Fair Warning .

Connelly describes his time writing about McEvoy as his "least favorable writing experience" [1] because "he is easily the most autobiographical character I have ever written about".

Fictional biography

Jack was born on May 21, 1961, the son of Millie and Tom McEvoy, the twin brother of Sean McEvoy, the younger brother of Sarah McEvoy (who died in 1976), and the brother-in-law of Riley McEvoy. He grew up in Colorado before going to college at the Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, Illinois. After college, he traveled to Paris, then returned to Colorado and took a position covering the murder beat for the Rocky Mountain News .

He moved to Los Angeles in the late-1990s and covered the crime beat for the Times . While at the Times, he married and subsequently divorced fellow journalist Keisha Russell, who had previously appeared in Connelly's 1995 novel The Last Coyote .

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The Poet is the fifth novel by American author Michael Connelly. Published in 1996, it is the first of Connelly's novels not to feature Detective Harry Bosch and first to feature Crime Reporter Jack McEvoy. A sequel, The Narrows, was published in 2004. The Poet won the 1997 Dilys Award.

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Void Moon is the ninth novel by American crime author Michael Connelly. It was released in the UK in 2000 and was the third of Connelly's books not to follow the character Harry Bosch. It was also his first novel to feature a female protagonist, Cassidy "Cassie" Black, and a protagonist who is a criminal instead of an investigator of criminals.

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The Scarecrow is a 2009 novel written by American author Michael Connelly. It was Connelly's 21st book and the second featuring as the main character Jack McEvoy, a reporter now living in Los Angeles, and FBI agent Rachel Walling. As a result, the novel is a sequel to the events in Connelly's 1996 book The Poet, although another Connelly novel, The Narrows, was published in 2004 as the "official" sequel to The Poet. The book was published in the UK and Ireland on May 12, 2009, and in the US and Canada on May 26, 2009.

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J. Michael "Mickey" Haller, Junior is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in the 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer. Haller, a Los Angeles-based defense attorney, is the paternal half-brother of Connelly's best-known character, LAPD Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch. The Mickey Haller series consists of seven published novels, with the most recent published in 2019.

Fair Warning is a 2020 thriller written by American author Michael Connelly. It is the third novel featuring Jack McEvoy, a Los Angeles investigative reporter for the consumer watchdog news service Fair Warning, as well as former FBI agent Rachel Walling. The novel is a sequel to the events in Connelly's 2009 book The Scarecrow. Themes explored in the book include the decline of investigative journalism and the print-newspaper, the rise of fake news, the misogynistic incel movement, and the dangers of trafficking in DNA sequence data by an industry having no government oversight or regulations.


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