Jacky Heung

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Jacky Heung
Jacky Heung Cho.jpg
Jacky Heung in 2018
Heung Chin-ping (向展平)

(1984-07-20) 20 July 1984 (age 37)
Occupation Actor
(m. 2019)
Parent(s) Charles Heung
Tiffany Chen

Jacky Heung Cho (Chinese :向佐) is a Hong Kong actor. He is the elder son of film producer/presenter Charles Heung and his wife Tiffany Chen.


Personal life

In December 2020, Heung applied for permanent residence in Taiwan; his application was denied in February 2021 on the basis of "danger of threatening national interest, public safety, or public order or engaging in terrorist activities." [1] Additionally, Heung was reported by Taiwanese media to be a member of the pro-communist All-China Youth Federation. [1]


2006 Fearless Master Tai's godson
2007 The Warlords thief
2008 Fatal Move Kwok Chi-hang
2009 Push Pop Boy #2
2009 Poker King David Lin
2010 True Legend General
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity Mobile phone salesman
2010 A Fistful of Stances Wing Man-kwanTelevision series
2010Lover's DiscoursePaul
20114 in LoveLeung Po-ching
2016 From Vegas to Macau III Lung Sap-ng
2016 League of Gods Leizhenzi
2017Dragon Force

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