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Janet Museveni
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First Lady of Uganda
Assumed office
29 January 1986
President Yoweri Museveni
Personal details
Janet Kainembabazi Kataaha

(1948-06-24) 24 June 1948 (age 70)
ChildrenMuhoozi Kainerugaba
Natasha Karugire
Patience Rwabwogo
Diana Kamuntu
Twitter @JanetMuseveni

Janet Kataaha Museveni (née Kainembabazi, born June 24, 1948) is a Ugandan politician who has been the First Lady of Uganda since 1986. She is married to President Yoweri Museveni, with whom she has four children. She has been Cabinet Minister of Education and Sports in the Ugandan Cabinet, since 6 June 2016. [1] She previously served as Minister for Karamoja Affairs in the Cabinet of Uganda from 27 May 2011 until 6 June 2016. [2] [3] She also served as the elected Member of Parliament representing Ruhaama County in Ntungamo District, between 2011 and 2016. She published her autobiography, My Life's Journey, in 2011. [4] [5]

First Lady honorary title of the wife of a president or head of state

First Lady is an unofficial title used for the wife of a non-monarchical head of state or chief executive. The term is also used to describe a woman seen to be at the top of her profession or art.

Uganda republic in East Africa

Uganda, officially the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa. It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda is in the African Great Lakes region. Uganda also lies within the Nile basin, and has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate.

Yoweri Museveni President of Uganda

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a Ugandan politician who has been President of Uganda since 1986. Museveni was involved in rebellions that toppled notorious Ugandan leaders Idi Amin (1971–79) and Milton Obote (1980–85) before capturing power in the 80s. In the mid to late 1990s, Museveni was celebrated by the West as part of a new generation of African leaders. During Museveni's presidency, Uganda has experienced relative peace and significant success in battling HIV/AIDS. At the same time, Uganda remains a country suffering from high levels of corruption, unemployment and poverty. Museveni's presidency has been marred by involvement in the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other Great Lakes region conflicts; the rebellion in Northern Uganda by the Lord's Resistance Army which caused a drastic humanitarian emergency; and the suppression of political opposition and constitutional amendments scrapping presidential term limits (2005) and the presidential age limit (2017), thus enabling the extension of his rule. These have been a concern to domestic and foreign commentators.


Early life and marriage

Janet Kainembabazi Kataaha Museveni was born in Bwongyera village in Kajara county, Ntungamo District, Western Uganda to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kataaha. She attended Kyamate Primary School, and Bweranyangi Girls' Senior Secondary School.

Ntungamo District District in Uganda

Ntungamo District is a district in Western Uganda. Like most Ugandan districts, it named after its 'chief town', Ntungamo, the location of the district headquarters.

Western Region, Uganda Region in Western, Uganda

The Western region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda. As of Uganda's 2014 census, the region's population was 8,874,862.

Bweranyangi Girls' Secondary School is a girls-only boarding middle and high school in Bushenyi District in the Western Region of Uganda.

Janet Museveni went into exile in 1971, when Idi Amin toppled the Milton Obote regime in a military coup. She married Yoweri Museveni in August 1973. [6] When Idi Amin's regime fell from power in April 1979, she moved back to Uganda from Tanzania where she had been living in exile with her husband.

Idi Amin Third president of Uganda

Idi Amin Dada Oumee (; was a Ugandan politician and military officer. He served as the President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979.

Milton Obote second president of Uganda

Apollo Milton Obote was a Ugandan political leader who led Uganda to independence in 1962 from British colonial administration. Following the nation's independence, he served as Prime Minister of Uganda from 1962 to 1966 and President of Uganda from 1966 to 1971, then again from 1980 to 1985. He was overthrown by Idi Amin in 1971, but regained power after Amin's 1979 overthrow. His second period of rule was marred by repression and the deaths of many civilians as a result of a civil war known as the Ugandan Bush War.

Tanzania country in Africa

Tanzania officially the United Republic of Tanzania, is a country in eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region. It borders Uganda to the north; Kenya to the northeast; Comoro Islands at the Indian Ocean to the east; Mozambique and Malawi to the south; Zambia to the southwest; and Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is in north-eastern Tanzania.

In February 1981 when Yoweri Museveni launched his guerrilla war against the government of President Obote, Janet Museveni and her children re-located to Nairobi, Kenya, where they lived with family friends until 1983. In 1983, they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, and stayed there until May 1986, four months after Yoweri Museveni's National Resistance Army had seized power in Kampala.

Guerrilla warfare form of irregular warfare

Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants, such as paramilitary personnel, armed civilians, or irregulars use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility, to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military. Guerrilla groups are a type of violent non-state actor.

Nairobi City in Nairobi County, Kenya

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to "cool water", a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city. The city proper had a population of 3,138,369 in the 2009 census, while the metropolitan area has a population of 6,547,547. The city is popularly referred to as the Green City in the Sun.

Kenya republic in East Africa

Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya, is a country in Africa with 47 semiautonomous counties governed by elected governors. At 580,367 square kilometres (224,081 sq mi), Kenya is the world's 48th largest country by total area. With a population of more than 52.2 million people, Kenya is the 27th most populous country. Kenya's capital and largest city is Nairobi while its oldest city and first capital is the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu City is the third largest city and a critical inland port at Lake Victoria. Other important urban centres include Nakuru and Eldoret.


Janet Museveni founded the Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO), a private relief agency in late 1986, which she said was shaped by her experience as a refugee. She became involved with the HIV/AIDS campaigns in Uganda in the 1990s, forging ties with radical pastor Martin Ssempa for abstinence-only sex education in Uganda. [7]

Martin Ssempa is a Ugandan pastor and activist and the founder of the Makerere Community Church. He refers to himself as Pastor Doctor Martin Ssempa and first came to international prominence in 2010 after a presentation video he made at his church which showcased his opposition of homosexuality went viral online.

Uganda is one of the few Sub-Saharan African countries that has adopted abstinence-only sex education as an approach of sexual education that emphasizes abstinence from sexual intercourse until marriage as the only option. Abstinence-only sex education does not include joint curriculum covering other options including safe sex practices, family planning, and is espoused as the only sure way to avoid pregnancy and Sexually transmitted infections. Uganda is commonly recognized as an exemplary case of lowering the rate of HIV prevalence Prevalence figures may have also been distorted by the lack of treatment, meaning that the percentage of infected is decreased by disproportionately early deaths. Abstinence-only sex education has been implemented and supported for this cause to a large degree in Uganda, to some controversy. Critics have questioned its effectiveness in lowering HIV/AIDS transmission. They have also highlighted discrimination, gender inequality and social stigma as the outcomes of the program in Uganda.

In November 2005, she announced that she would seek the parliamentary seat of Ruhaama county in the February 2006 general elections. She contested the seat against the candidate for the Forum for Democratic Change, Augustine Ruzindana, and won overwhelmingly. She was re-elected in March 2011 to another five-year term.

Forum for Democratic Change

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), founded on 16 December 2004, is the main opposition party in Uganda. The FDC was founded as an umbrella body called Reform Agenda, mostly for disenchanted former members and followers of President Yoweri Museveni's National Resistance Movement (NRM). Party president Kizza Besigye, formerly a close ally of Museveni, was a presidential candidate in 2001, 2006,2011 and 2016 presidential elections. In November 2012, Mugisha Muntu was elected as President of the FDC until November 2017 when he was defeated by Patrick Oboi Amuriat the current party President until 2022.

On 16 February 2009, Janet Museveni was appointed State Minister for Karamoja Affairs, by her husband, President Yoweri Museveni. [8]

On 27 May 2011, she was elevated to Minister for Karamoja Affairs, complete with a State Minister for Karamoja Affairs. [9]

On 6 June 2016, after her husband's re-election as President, she was appointed Minister of Education and Sports.


The four children of Janet and Yoweri Museveni are:

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The history of Uganda comprises the history of the territorial lands of present-day Uganda in East Africa and the peoples inhabiting therein.

National Resistance Movement Ugandan political party

The National Resistance Movement, commonly referred to simply as NRM, is the ruling political party in Uganda.

Eriya Kategaya was a Ugandan lawyer and politician. At the time of his death he was Uganda's First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs. He was also an ex officio Member of the Ugandan Parliament, on account of being a cabinet minister.

Red Pepper is a daily tabloid newspaper in Uganda that began publication on 19 June 2001. Mirroring tabloid styles in other countries, the paper is known for its mix of sensationalism, scandal, and frequent nudity. The paper has received the ire of the Ugandan government for publishing conspiracy theories relating to the death of Sudan's Vice President John Garang in a helicopter crash and revealing that former foreign minister James Wapakhabulo died of AIDS.

The Daily Monitor is a Ugandan independent daily newspaper. Its name is shared by the Saturday Monitor and Sunday Monitor, which are also published by Monitor Publications Limited. Daily Monitor averaged a daily circulation of 24,230 newspapers in September 2011. By July 2016, that figure had dropped to 18,191 copies daily.

Ruhakana Rugunda 10th Prime Minister of Uganda

Ruhakana Rugunda is a Ugandan politician who has been Prime Minister of Uganda since 2014. A physician by profession, he held a long series of Cabinet posts under President Yoweri Museveni beginning in 1986. He served as Uganda's Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1994 to 1996 and as Minister of Internal Affairs from 2003 to 2009. Subsequently, he was Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2009 to 2011 and Minister of Health from 2013 to 2014.

General Moses Ali is a Ugandan politician and retired general. He is the First Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament. He was appointed to that position on 6 June 2016. He previously served in the Cabinet of Uganda as Third Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business from May 2011 until June 2016. He has also been the elected Member of Parliament for East Moyo County in Adjumani District since 2011.

Cabinet of Uganda

According to Section 111 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, as amended in 2005, "There shall be a Cabinet which shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Prime Minister and such number of Ministers as may appear to the President to be reasonably necessary for the efficient running of the State."

Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere is a Ugandan sociologist, academic and politician. He is the current Minister of General Duties, Office of the Prime Minister in the Ugandan Cabinet. He was appointed to that position on 23 May 2013. Prior to that, from 15 August 2012 until 23 May 2013, he served as the Minister of Gender, Labour & Social Affairs. At first, the parliamentary committee vetting cabinet appointments rejected his selection. But after discussions between President Yoweri Museveni and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, he was finally approved on 7 September 2012. Earlier, he served as the Minister of Disaster Relief & Planning in the Ugandan Cabinet, from 1 June 2006 until 27 May 2011. In the cabinet reshuffle of 27 May 2011, he was dropped from the cabinet and was replaced by Stephen Mallinga. He also served as the elected Member of Parliament representing "Igara County West", Bushenyi District, from 1996 until 2011.

Maria Mutagamba Ugandan politician

Maria Emily Lubega Mutagamba was a Ugandan economist and politician. She was the minister of tourism, wildlife and antiquities in the Ugandan Cabinet from 15 August 2012 until 6 June 2016.

Ephraim Kamuntu is a Ugandan management scientist and politician. He is the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in the Cabinet of Uganda. He was appointed to that position on 6 June 2016. Previously he served as Minister of Water and Environment from August 2012 to June 2016. He is also an ex-officio Member of the Parliament of Uganda because of his Cabinet position.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba is a Ugandan military officer. He is a Lieutenant General in the Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) and was the commander of the Special Forces Group, which contains the unit known as Presidential Guard Brigade responsible for providing security to the President of Uganda and to Uganda's constitutional monarchs, from 2008 to 2017. The Special Forces Group is also responsible for providing security at Uganda's oil installations. He is the son of President Yoweri Museveni, Commander in Chief of the UPDF and president of Uganda. Muhoozi has served as Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations since 2017.

Irene Muloni Ugandan electrical engineer, businesswoman and politician

Irene Nafuna Muloni is a Ugandan electrical engineer, businesswoman and politician. She is the Cabinet Minister for Energy and Minerals in the Ugandan Cabinet. She was first appointed to that position on 27 May 2011. In the new cabinet list released after the 2016 national elections, she maintained her position. She served as the elected Member of Parliament for Bulambuli District Women's Representative, from 2011 until 2016. In 2016, she lost her seat to Sarah Nambozo Wekomba, an Independent.

Barbara Nekesa Oundo is a Ugandan politician and diplomat, who serves as Uganda's High Commissioner to South Africa, based in Pretoria. In that capacity, she also represents her country, to the nations of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, more commonly known as Kirunda Kivejinja, is a veteran Ugandan politician and senior presidential advisor to the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. He is the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs in the Ugandan Cabinet. He was appointed to that position on 6 June 2016.

James Mugira is a lieutenant general in the Ugandan army. He is the managing director and chief executive officer of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC), the business arm of the Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF). He was appointed to that position in April 2015. He concurrently serves as the managing director of Luweero Defence Industries Limited, the small-arms manufacturer owned by the UPDF. He has served in that capacity since 2011. From 2008 until 2011, at the rank of brigadier, he served as the director general of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, a division of the UPDF. Before that, he served as the commanding officer of the UPDF Armored Brigade, based in Masaka.

The Ntungamo–Mirama Hills Road is a road in the Western Region of Uganda, connecting the towns of Ntungamo and Mirama Hills, both in Ntungamo District.

Betty Amongi Akena,, but commonly known as Betty Amongi, is a Ugandan politician. She is the Cabinet Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in the Ugandan Cabinet. She was appointed to that position on 6 June 2016. She is also the incumbent member of parliament representing the Oyam South Constituency in the 10th Parliament.


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