Jany Holt

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Jany Holt
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Ruxandra Ecaterina Vladescu Olt

(1909-05-13)13 May 1909
Died26 October 2005(2005-10-26) (aged 96)
Years active1931–1995
(m. 1936;div. 1939)

Jacques Porel
(m. 1940)
Relatives Gabrielle Réjane
Paul Porel

Jany Holt (born Ruxandra Ecaterina Vladescu Olt, 13 May 1909 – 26 October 2005) was a Romanian-born actress, who worked principally in the French cinema. [1]


Holt married French actor Marcel Dalio in 1936, divorcing in 1939. [1] In 1940, Holt married author Jacques Porel, the son of stage and early silent film actress Gabrielle Réjane and director Paul Porel; Holt and Porel stayed in France during the Nazi occupation. [2] During that period, Holt continued acting in films while she also worked with the French Resistance, later receiving the Croix de Guerre from General de Gaulle. [2]

Holt appeared in 48 films and television productions between 1931 and 1995.

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