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Jaroslava Moserova's plaque in Pardubice. Jaroslava Moserova plaque.jpg
Jaroslava Moserová's plaque in Pardubice.
Jaroslava Moserova's Signature. Jaroslava Moserova signature.jpg
Jaroslava Moserová's Signature.

MUDr. Jaroslava Moserová, DrSc. (born 17 January 1930, Prague, died 24 March 2006, Prague) was a Czech senator, ambassador, presidential candidate, doctor, and translator.



Moserová was born into a Czech-Jewish family in Prague. She was originally a physician with a specialization in skin burns. She was the first doctor to attempt treatment for Jan Palach after his self-immolation on 16 January 1969. [1] She wrote a number of stories, screenplays, dramas, and translated over forty books by Dick Francis into Czech. [2] She entered politics in 1990 as chairwomen of the committee of science, education and culture. In 1991–1993, she was the ambassador of Czechoslovakia in Australia and New Zealand. From 1996–1999 she was vice-President of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

In 1999, she became president of the General Session of UNESCO. At the 2003 presidential election she unsuccessfully ran for president of the Czech Republic. French President Jacques Chirac honored her as an Officer of the Légion d'honneur. [3] She died of cancer on 24 March 2006, in Prague at the age of 76. [4]

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