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Jean-Michel Ribes
Jean-Michel Ribes 2014.jpg
Jean-Michel Ribes during the 2014 Molière Award
Jean-Michel Pierre Fernand Ribes

(1946-12-15) 15 December 1946 (age 76)
Occupation(s)Playwright, screen writer, film director, theatre director
Years active1966 - present

Jean-Michel Ribes (born 15 December 1946, in Paris) is a French playwright, screenwriter, theatre director, film maker and actor. Since 2002 he has been the managing director of the Théâtre du Rond-Point.


Between 1982 and 1984 Ribes had directed Merci Bernard and since 1988 works on Palace. In 2008, Ribes had directed Batailles which he co-wrote with Roland Topor and next year became a director of the Un garçon impossible, a play by Petter S. Rosenlund and Roland Dubillard's  [ es; fr; gl; ht; no ]'s Les Diablogues. In 2010, in Théâtre du Rond-Point he directed Les Nouvelles Brèves de Comptoir in which Jean-Marie Gourio had starred. In 2011, he wrote and directed René l’énervé - Opéra bouffe et tumultueux, on the music by Reinhardt Wagner. A year later, he returned to Théâtre du Rond-Point at which he directed play Théâtre sans animaux and Sébastien Thiéry's L’Origine du Monde in 2013. [1]


1966Chez l'illustre écrivain Octave Mirbeau
Je rêvais peut-être Luigi Pirandello
1967 The Alchemist Ben Jonson
Herman est de retourAnonymous
1969Le lai de Barrabas Fernando Arrabal
1970Les Fraises muscléesJean-Michel Ribes
1971Il faut que le sycomore couleJean-Michel Ribes
1972RumeursJean-Michel Ribes
Je suis un steakJean-Michel Ribes
Par delà les marronniersJean-Michel Ribes
1973Les Fraises muscléesJean-Michel Ribes
1974L'Odyssée pour une tasse de théJean-Michel Ribes
1975Dieu le veutJean-Michel Ribes
Omphalos HôtelJean-Michel Ribes
On loge la nuit-café à l'eauJean-Michel Ribes
1976Tout contre un petit boisJean-Michel Ribes
1977Jacky ParadyJean-Michel Ribes
1983BataillesJean-Michel Ribes
1984 True West Sam Shepard
1986RévoltesJean-Michel Ribes
1987 Le pont des soupirs Jacques Offenbach Nominated - Molière Award for Best Musical
The Birthday Party Harold Pinter
1988La Cagnotte Eugène Labiche
1990La Cuisse du stewardJean-Michel Ribes
1994Brèves de comptoir Jean-Marie Gourio Nominated - Molière Award for Best Director
Nominated - Molière Award for Best Comedy
Cirque à deux Barry Creyton
1997Monsieur MondeJean-Michel Ribes
1998Rêver peut-être Jean-Claude Grumberg Nominated - Molière Award for Best Director
Nominated - Molière Award for Best Creation
Grand Prix de la critique - Best French Creation
Les Talons devant Patrick Bosso & Jean-Michel Ribes
1999Les Nouvelles Brèves de comptoir Jean-Marie Gourio Nominated - Molière Award for Best Comedy
TeddyJean-Louis Bourdon
2000 Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell Keith Waterhouse
Amorphe d'Ottenburg Jean-Claude Grumberg
2001Théâtre sans animauxJean-Michel Ribes Molière Award for Best Comedy
Molière Award for Best Playwright
Grand Prix du Théâtre de l’Académie française
Nominated - Molière Award for Best Creation
2002L'Enfant do Jean-Claude Grumberg
Le Complexe de ThénardierJosé Pliya
La Priapée des écrevissesChristian Siméon
2003Le professeur Rollin a encore quelque chose à dire François Rollin
Guy Bedos Guy Bedos, Nicolas Bedos & Gérard Miller
2004Musée haut, musée basJean-Michel RibesNominated - Molière Award for Best Living Francophone Author
Nominated - Molière Award for Best Creation
Le Jardin aux betteraves Roland Dubillard  [ es; fr; gl; ht; no ]
2005Merci Daniel Pennac
Dieu est un steward de bonne composition Yves Ravey
Sans ascenseurSébastien Thiéry
2006Collection particulière François Morel
2007J'ai toutThierry Illouz
2008La Ferme des concombresPatrick Robine
BataillesJean-Michel Ribes
2009En umulig gutt Petter S. Rosenlund
Les Diablogues Roland Dubillard  [ es; fr; gl; ht; no ]
2010Les Nouvelles Brèves de comptoir Jean-Marie Gourio & Jean-Michel Ribes
2011René l'énervéJean-Michel Ribes
2013Théâtre sans animauxJean-Michel Ribes
2016Par-delà les marronniersJean-Michel Ribes



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