Jennifer Hale (film)

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Jennifer Hale
Jennifer Hale (film).jpg
Patricia Burke and René Ray
Directed by Bernard Mainwaring
Written byBernard Mainwaring
Ralph Stock
Edward Dryhurst
Rob Eden (novel)
Produced byJohn Findlay
Starring René Ray
Ballard Berkeley
John Longden
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
Release date
Running time
66 minutes
CountryUnited kingdom
Language English

Jennifer Hale is a 1937 British crime film directed by Bernard Mainwaring and starring René Ray, Ballard Berkeley and John Longden. [1]


It was made as a quota quickie at Wembley Studios by the British subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox.

Its plot follows a London showgirl who is wrongly accused of murdering her manager and goes on the run to try to prove her innocence. After establishing a new life as a taxi dancer in Birmingham, and falling in love with one of her clients, her past life comes back to haunt her.


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