Jenny Haddon

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Jenny Haddon
Born1933 (age 8687)
London, England
Pen nameSophie Weston,
Sophie Page
Genre Romantic novel

Jenny Haddon (born 1933 in London, England [1] ) is a British writer of over 45 romance novels for Mills & Boon. who writes as Sophie Weston and Sophie Page. She is also a member of the Committee of the U.K.'s Romantic Novelists' Association (R.N.A.), and was elected its twenty-third Chair (2005–2007).



Jenny Haddon was born on 1933 in London, England. She studied English Language and Literature at university. She worked as consultant at the Bank of England.

She published romantic novels since under the pseudonym Sophie Weston. She is an active member of the Romantic Novelists' Association's Committee, and was elected its twenty-third Chair from 2005 to 2007.

Haddon lives in her house, with one cat and about a million books[ citation needed ].


As Sophie Weston

Single Novels

  • Beware the Huntsman (1975)
  • Goblin Court (1976)
  • Wife to Charles (1977)
  • Unexpected Hazard (1978)
  • An Undefended City (1979)
  • Tomorrow Starts at Midnight (1980)
  • Loving Persuader (1982)
  • No Man's Possession (1985)
  • Executive Lady (1985)
  • A Stranger's Touch (1985)
  • Like Enemies (1986)
  • Shadow Princess (1986)
  • Yesterday's Mirror (1986)
  • Beyond Ransom (1986)
  • Challenge (1987)
  • A Matter of Feeling (1989)
  • Gypsy in the Night (1991)
  • No Provocation (1992)
  • Habit of Command (1992)
  • Dance with Me (1992)
  • Deceptive Passion (1993)
  • Triumph of the Dawn (1994)
  • Ice at Heart (1994)
  • Saving the Devil (1994)
  • The Wedding Effect (1995)
  • Deception (1996)
  • Avoiding Mr.Right (1996)
  • The Innocent and the Playboy (1997)
  • Catching Katie (1998)
  • The Latin Affair (1999)
  • The Sheikh's Bride (2000)
  • More Than a Millionaire (2001)
  • The Englishman's Bride (2001)
  • The Prince's Proposal (2002)
  • The Bedroom Assignment (2002)
  • In the Arms of the Sheikh (2005)
  • The Cinderella Factor (2006)
  • Red Hot Lover (2016)

The Notting Hill Grooms Trilogy Multi-Author

3. The Millionaire Affair (1999)

Bride Doll Series Multi-Author

  • Midnight Wedding (2000)

The Carew Stepsisters Series

  1. The Millionaire's Daughter (2001)
  2. The Bridesmaid's Secret (2001)

The Wedding Challenge Trilogy

  1. The Independent Bride (2003)
  2. The Accidental Mistress (2003)
  3. The Duke's Proposal (2004)

Omnibus in Collaboration

As Sophie Page

Single Novels

  • To Marry a Prince (2011)

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