Jesús Vázquez (television presenter)

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Jesús Vázquez
Jesús Vázquez Martínez

(1965-09-09) 9 September 1965 (age 53)
Occupation Television presenter, model
Spouse(s)Roberto Cortés (m. 2005)

Jesús Vázquez Martínez (born 9 September 1965) is a Spanish television presenter. In 2008 he became the first Spaniard to be selected as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. [1]

Spain Kingdom in Southwest Europe

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a country mostly located in Europe. Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula. Its territory also includes two archipelagoes: the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The African enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera make Spain the only European country to have a physical border with an African country (Morocco). Several small islands in the Alboran Sea are also part of Spanish territory. The country's mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west and northwest by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Television presenter person who introduces or hosts television programs

A presenter is a person who introduces or hosts television programs. Nowadays, it is common for personalities in other fields to take on this role, but some people have made their name solely within the field of presenting, particularly within children's television series, to become television personalities.

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors are celebrity representatives of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who use their talent and fame to advocate for refugees.



Vázquez was born in Ferrol, Galicia. He moved to Melilla, where he joined as an undergraduate at the local Veterinary School; however, before he could complete his studies he moved to Madrid. In this period he worked as model.

Ferrol, Spain Municipality in Galicia, Spain

Ferrol, is a city in the Province of A Coruña in Galicia, on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain. According to the 2014 census, the city has a population of 70,389, making it the 5th largest settlement in Galicia. With Eume to the south and Ortegal the north, Ferrol forms the Ferrolterra conurbation, the third largest in Galicia which has a total population of over 203,444.

The harbour, for depth, capacity and safety, is not equalled by many in Europe. The Entrance is very narrow, and commanded by forts, and which may even be shut by a steccado

Galicia (Spain) Autonomous community of Spain

Galicia is an autonomous community of Spain and historic nationality under Spanish law. Located in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula, it comprises the provinces of A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, being bordered by Portugal to the south, the Spanish autonomous communities of Castile and León and Asturias to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Cantabrian Sea to the north. It had a population of 2,718,525 in 2016 and has a total area of 29,574 km2 (11,419 sq mi). Galicia has over 1,660 km (1,030 mi) of coastline, including its offshore islands and islets, among them Cíes Islands, Ons, Sálvora, Cortegada, and—the largest and most populated—A Illa de Arousa.

Melilla Autonomous city in Spain

Melilla is a Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco, with an area of 12.3 km2 (4.7 sq mi). Melilla is one of two permanently inhabited Spanish cities in mainland Africa, the other being Ceuta. It was part of the Province of Málaga until 14 March 1995, when the city's Statute of Autonomy was passed.

Vázquez rose to fame in the early 1990s as the host of two television shows aimed at the teenage audience aired on Telecinco: La quinta marcha (1990-1991), which he hosted alongside Penélope Cruz, and Hablando se entiende la basca (1991-1993). In this period he starred in the film Aquí el que no corre, vuela (1992), directed by Ramón Fernández and produced by Telecinco, along with Alfredo Landa, Arturo Fernández, Arancha del Sol and Natalia Estrada. In 1993 he ventured into singing with the album A dos milímetros escasos de tu boca, which achieved a Gold Record certificate; however, his music career did not have continuity.

Telecinco Private Spanish generalist television network

Telecinco is a Spanish free-to-air television channel operated by Mediaset España Comunicación. The channel was previously known as Tele 5, because it had first begun its experimental transmissions on 10 March 1989, and a year later, it was officially launched on 3 March 1990, as well as it became the fifth of the national terrestrial television channels and the second private channel in Spain. In 1997, Tele 5 was rebranded as Telecinco, dropping the biscione-absent flower logo seen in other Mediaset channel logos.

Penélope Cruz Spanish actress

Penélope Cruz Sánchez is a Spanish actress and model. Signed by an agent at the age of 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television, and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón Jamón (1992). Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Belle Epoque (1992), Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000). Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in the 2001 films Vanilla Sky, All the Pretty Horses, Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Blow.

Alfredo Landa Spanish actor

Alfredo Landa AretaMML was a Spanish actor.

In 1998 Vázquez presented A propósito, on Canal Sur and the game show with celebrities Gente con chispa, aired on regional televisions. In 2000, he hosted the short-lived late night show La central on Antena 3, cancelled due to poor ratings. In 2001, he was hired by Telemadrid to host talk show Ésta es mi gente. In 2002, he combined this work with presenting talent show Popstars: Todo por un sueño on Telecinco.

Canal Sur Channel in hd of emission in Andalusia

Canal Sur is part of Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA), the public broadcasting company of Andalusia. It was created by means of the devolved powers given to this region by an Act of Parliament in its statute of autonomy.

The Federation of Regional Organizations of Radio and Television is the association of the public broadcasting networks from 12 autonomous communities of Spain.

Antena 3 (Spain) private Spanish generalist television network

Antena 3 is a Spanish terrestrial television channel owned by Atresmedia which also owns Onda Cero, one of Spain's most listened to radio stations. Its current headquarters are located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, near Madrid. Antena 3 is listed as the third channel on television sets throughout Spain, except certain autonomous communities where the autonomous television station occupies channel 3.

In 2003 Vázquez left Telemadrid to present talk show Nadie es perfecto on Telecinco; the show was cancelled after three weeks. In 2003, also on Telecinco, he presented the weekly debate show of Gran Hermano ( Big Brother ), as well as reality television series Hotel Glam and Vivo Cantando. In 2004 and 2005, Vázquez hosted the first two seasons of Gran Hermano VIP (Celebrity version of Big Brother). Subsequently, he hosted reality-show talent contest reality-show talent contest Operación Triunfo from 2005 to 2008, and the Spanish version of Survivor from 2006 to 2010. In addition, he presented daily game show ¡Allá tú! (Spanish adaptation of Deal or No Deal ) from 2004 to 2008.

<i>Gran Hermano</i> (Spanish TV series)

Gran Hermano is a reality television series broadcast in Spain on Telecinco produced by Endemol. It is part of the Big Brother franchise first developed in the Netherlands. As of December 2017, 26 editions of the show have aired. It is the longest-running series of Big Brother in the franchise worldwide currently on air.

<i>Big Brother</i> (franchise) Dutch reality game show franchise

Big Brother is a Dutch reality competition television franchise created by John de Mol Jr., first broadcast in the Netherlands in 1999, and subsequently syndicated internationally. The show features contestants called "housemates" who live together in a specially-constructed house that is isolated from the outside world. Inspired by Big Brother from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the housemates are continuously monitored during their stay in the house by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones. Throughout the course of the competition, the housemates are voted out until only one remains and wins the cash prize.

Operación Triunfo is a reality television talent show which first aired on Spain's TVE network in 2001. A music talent contest with viewer voting and reality show elements that originated Endemol's Star Academy franchise, the show aims to find the country's next solo singing sensation.

Apart from Operación Triunfo and Survivor, in 2007 Vázquez hosted reality show Nadie es perfecto, and in 2009, game shows Guerra de sesos alongside Almudena Cid, and Mi familia contra todos. In 2010 the last seasons Operación Triunfo and Survivor that featured Vázquez aired and he presented reality dating show I Love Escassi.

Almudena Cid Tostado spanish rhythmic gymnast

Almudena Cid Tostado is a former Spanish individual rhythmic gymnast who competed on the Spanish national team. She is the only rhythmic gymnast who has competed in four Olympic finals.

When Telecinco and Cuatro merged into Mediaset España in 2011, it was decided that Vázquez would become a visible face of Cuatro. In Cuatro he hosted game show Uno para ganar (Spanish adaptation of Minute to Win It ) and the fourth season of reality television game show Pekín Express .

In 2012, Vázquez moved back to Telecinco to host La Voz (Spanish version of The Voice ). Since then he has also hosted talent shows La Voz Kids, Pequeños Gigantes, Levántate, Me lo dices o me lo cantas and Factor X .

In 2016, Vázquez joined Got Talent España on its first season as one of the four judges. In 2017, Vázquez hosted Proyecto Bullying, a docu-show that centered on school bullying that will air on Cuatro.

Personal life

In November 2005 Vázquez married Roberto Cortés. [2]

National career as a television presenter in Spain

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