Jesper Christensen

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Jesper Christensen
Born (1948-05-16) 16 May 1948 (age 71)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Years active1968–present
Spouse(s)Tove Bornhøft (m. 2000)

Jesper Christensen (Danish pronunciation:  [jespɐ ˈkʰʁɛstn̩sn̩] ; born 16 May 1948) is a Danish actor. A veteran of European cinema, he has more recently made the transition to English language projects, including The Interpreter and Revelations . He has also appeared as the mysterious villain Mr. White in the James Bond films Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , and Spectre .

<i>The Interpreter</i> 2005 thriller movie directed by Sydney Pollack

The Interpreter is a 2005 political thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, and Jesper Christensen. It is notable for being the first movie to have been shot inside the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

<i>Casino Royale</i> (2006 film) 2006 James Bond film by Martin Campbell

Casino Royale is a 2006 spy film, the twenty-first in the Eon Productions James Bond film series, and the third screen adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1953 novel of the same name. Directed by Martin Campbell and written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and Paul Haggis, it is the first film to star Daniel Craig as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond, and was produced by Eon Productions for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures, making it the first Eon-produced Bond film to be co-produced by the latter studio. Following Die Another Day, Eon Productions decided to reboot the series, allowing them to show a less experienced and more vulnerable Bond.

<i>Quantum of Solace</i> 2008 film by Marc Forster

Quantum of Solace is a 2008 British spy film and the twenty-second in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions. Directed by Marc Forster and written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, it is a direct sequel to Casino Royale, and the second film to star Daniel Craig as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The film also stars Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Gemma Arterton, Jeffrey Wright, and Judi Dench. In the film, Bond seeks revenge for the death of his lover, Vesper Lynd, and is assisted by Camille Montes, who is plotting revenge for the murder of her own family. The trail eventually leads them to wealthy businessman Dominic Greene, a member of the Quantum organisation, who intends to stage a coup d'état in Bolivia to seize control of their water supply.


In his home country, Christensen has won four Bodil Awards, three for Best Actor: Did Somebody Laugh? (1978), The Bench (2000), and Manslaughter (2005), and one for Best Supporting Actor: Barbara (1997).

The Bodil Awards are the major Danish film awards given by Danish Film Critics Association. The awards are presented annually at a ceremony in Copenhagen. Established in 1948, it is one of the oldest film awards in Europe. The awards are given without regard to commercial interests or box-office sales, but rather to highlight the films or actors that the critics regard as most worthy.

The Bodil Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role is one of the merit categories presented annually by the Danish Film Critics Association at the Bodil Awards. Created in 1948, it is one of the oldest film awards in Europe, and it honours the best performance by an actor in a leading role in a Danish produced film. The jury can decide not to hand out the award. This has happened five times, in 1952, 1970, 1976, 1985, and in 1986.

The Bench is a 2000 Danish drama film directed by Per Fly.

In 2006, Jesper Christensen declined the offer to receive the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog. He said that he thought the entire idea of monarchy is a crime against the members of the royal family, and it does not fit with modern ideas. [1]

Order of the Dannebrog award in Denmark

The Order of the Dannebrog is a Danish order of chivalry instituted in 1671 by Christian V. Until 1808, membership in the order was limited to fifty members of noble or royal rank who formed a single class known as White Knights to distinguish them from the Blue Knights who were members of the Order of the Elephant. In 1808, the Order was reformed and divided into four classes. The Grand Commander class is reserved to persons of princely origin. It is awarded only to royalty with close family ties with the Danish Royal House. The statute of the Order was amended in 1951 by a Royal Ordinance so that both men and women could be members of the Order.



1976 Strømer Young Officer Anders Refn  
1977 Mind Your Back, Professor Journalist Jens Okking  
HavocSteffensenOle Roos 
1978Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?Fashion Photographer Søren Kragh-Jacobsen  
Who Kills Who?ChristianLi Vilstrup 
Winterborn Anders Astrid Henning-Jensen  
Did Somebody Laugh?Unemployed Man Henning Carlsen  
1979The Revolt of the ThrallsTBA Jannik Hastrup Voice
Charly & SteffenEigil Henning Kristiansen  
1980It's a World Full of Children MortenAase Schmidt 
Children of the ThrallsTBAJannik HastrupVoice
Sorry We're HereAage Hans Kristensen  
1981Have You Seen Alice?BjarneBrita Wielopolska 
1983The TraitorsThe BoyOle Roos 
1987 Hip Hip Hurrah! Viggo Johansen Kjell Grede  
1988Emma's ShadowPoulSøren Kragh-Jacobsen 
1990Today's DonnaMichael NordgreenStefan Henszelman 
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg Officer at WatteauKjell Grede 
1992 Sofie Hans Højby Liv Ullmann  
1993 The Russian Singer Castensen Morten Arnfred  
1994 Carl, My Childhood Symphony Schreiber Erik Clausen  
1995SummerFlemmingKristian Petri 
White LiesKristian Mats Arehn  
1996Girly GirlsHans-JørgenVibeke Gad 
Hamsun Otto Dietrich Jan Troell  
The Ballad of the Viking King, Holger the Dane Hemming I / Loki Laila Hodell 
The White Lioness KonovalenkoPelle Berglund 
1997 Credo Brother 1 Susanne Bier  
Barbara Judge Nils Malmros  
1998AlbertShoemakerJørn Faurschou 
1999 In China They Eat Dogs Bartender Lasse Spang Olsen  
Sophie's World Søren Kierkegaard Erik Gustavson  
2000AnnaJohansen Erik Wedersøe  
Italian for Beginners Olympia's Father Lone Scherfig  
The Bench Kaj Per Fly  
2001 One-Hand Clapping H.C. Krøyer Gert Fredholm  
The Greatest ThingTheatre Manager Thomas Robsahm  
Count AxelCol. LejpstrupSøren Fauli 
2002 Minor Mishaps Søren Kreiberg Annette K. Olesen  
Okay Læge Jesper W. Nielsen  
Treasure Planet Scroop Ron Clements & John Musker Voice; Danish dub
2003 Inheritance Holger AndersenPer Fly 
BabyEddyLinda Wendel 
Nasty Brats JBGiacomo Campeotto 
Make BelievePiipsKjell Grede 
2005 The Interpreter Nils Lud Sydney Pollack  
Manslaughter CarstenPer Fly 
2006Shaking Dream LandGeorgeMartina Nagel 
Pure HeartsBag ManKenneth Kainz 
Casino Royale Mr. White Martin Campbell  
2008One ShotLennartLinda Wendel 
Everlasting Moments Sebastian PedersenJan Troell 
Flame & Citron Wilhelm Faurschou Hviid Ole Christian Madsen  
Quantum of Solace Mr. White Marc Forster  
2009 Original BrunoAlexander Brøndsted & Antonio Tublén  
The Young Victoria Baron Stockmar Jean-Marc Vallée  
Storm Anthony Weber Hans-Christian Schmid  
This Is Love Koller Matthias Glasner  
2010 The Debt Dr. Bernhardt / Dieter Vogel John Madden  
A Family Rickard Rheinwald Pernille Fischer Christensen  
2011 Melancholia Little Father Lars von Trier  
JulieMasterLinda Wendel 
2012 The Last Sentence Torgny Segerstedt Jan Troell 
2013SchwesternUncle RolleAnne Wild 
NYMPH()MANIAC: Vol. I Jerôme's UncleLars von Trier 
Sex, Drugs & TaxationJudge Bergsøe Christoffer Boe  
2015 Me and Kaminski Manuel Kaminski Wolfgang Becker  
Spectre Mr. White Sam Mendes  
2016 The King's Choice Haakon VII Erik Poppe  
2017RobinPierreAntonio Tublén 
2018 Before the Frost Jens Michael Noer  

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The 59th Bodil Awards were held on 5 March 2006 in Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best national and foreign films of 2005. Peter Mygind og Mette Horn hosted the event. Per Fly's Manslaughter won the award for Best Film. Best Actor in a Leading Role went to Jesper Christensen, the film's protagonist. Trine Dyrholm won Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Fluerne på væggen.

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ChristensenDanish pronunciation: [ˈkʰʁɛstn̩sn̩], is a Danish patronymic surname, literally meaning son of Christen, a sideform of Christian. The spelling variant Kristensen has identical pronunciation. Christensen is the sixth most common name in Denmark, shared by about 2% of the population. In Norway and Sweden the name can also be spelled Christenson or Kristenson.

<i>Manslaughter</i> (2005 film) 2005 film by Per Fly

Manslaughter is a 2005 Danish film written and directed by Per Fly. The film stars Jesper Christensen, Beate Bille and Pernilla August as well as Fly's wife Charlotte Fich.

Events from the year 1948 in Denmark.

The 54th Bodil Awards were held on 4 March 2001 in the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best national and foreign films of 2000. Peter Mygind and Birgitte Raaberg hosted the event which was broadcast live on DR2.

The 56th Bodil Awards were held on 2 March 2003 in the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best national and foreign films of 2002. Susanne Bier's Open Hearts took three awards, winning Best Danish Film as well as the awards for Best leading Actor Actress which went to Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Paprika Steen respectively. Paprika Steen also won the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Okay, while Jens Albinus won Best Actor in a Leading Role. The David Lynch film Mulholland Drive was named Best American Film and Almodovar's Talk to Her the Best Non-American Film. Kim Fupz Aakeson, Anders Thomas Jensen and Mogens Rukov collectively received a Bodil Honorary Award for their work as screenwriters.

<i>One-Hand Clapping</i> 2001 film by Gert Fredholm

One-Hand Clapping is a 2001 Danish comedy film written and directed by Gert Fredholm, and starring Jens Okking, Peter Gantzler, and Susanne Juhász. The film was produced by Zentropa.

The 65th Bodil Awards were held on 3 March 2012 in the Bremen Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best national and foreign films of 2010. Lars von Trier's Melancholia won the awards for Best Danish Film and Best Cinematography. The only other multiple winner was A Funny Man, which took the awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Set Design. It also won the new Audience Award which was introduced this year in collaboration with Blockbuster. The awards for Best Leading and Supporting Actresses went to Lena Maria Christensen won the award for Best Actress for her performance in A Family and Paprika Steen won Best Supporting Actress for SuperClásico. Testamentet directed by Christian Sønderby Jepsen earned the award for Best Documentary. Winter's Bone was named Best American Film while the Iranian A Separation was selected as Best Non-American Film.

Jesper Asholt actor

Jesper Asholt is a Danish actor. He has performed in more than fifty films since 1992.

The 61st Bodil Awards were held on 24 February 2008 in Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best national and foreign films of 1007. Louise Mieritz and Ditte Hansen hosted the event. The Art of Crying won the awards for Best Film and Best Actor. Noomi Rapace won the award for Best Actress for her performance in Daisy Diamond.

The Robert Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role is one of the merit awards presented by the Danish Film Academy at the annual Robert Awards ceremony. The award has been handed out since 1984.

The 10th Robert Awards ceremony was held in 1993 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Organized by the Danish Film Academy, the awards honoured the best in Danish and foreign film of 1992.

The 33nd Robert Awards ceremony was held on 7 February 2016 in Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Organized by the Danish Film Academy, the awards honored the best in Danish and foreign film of 2015.