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Jeu provencal
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Jeu provençal being played in Lyon

Jeu provençal ('game of Provence'; also known as boule lyonnaise, "boules of Lyon") is a French form of boules.


In Italy, the sport bocce volo , which is played with bronze balls, follows a similar set of rules. [1]


The current version of the game developed during the 18th century around the area of Lyon.


The rules are similar to the game of pétanque except that:

These differences reflect the reason that pétanque was invented to create a sport that was accessible to a disabled player in a wheelchair.

In addition:

Grounds and equipment

Under official rules, the court must measure 27.5 metres (30.1 yd) in length and between 2.5 to 4 metres (2.7 to 4.4 yd) in width, with a clear play area of 12.5 metres (13.7 yd) and 7.5 metres (8.2 yd) at each end (one end is the Landing zone, and the other is where the players stand and throw).

When the jack is thrown, it must land at least 12.5 metres (13.7 yd) away from the player.


The boules vary in size, weight, and composition, usually to accommodate the player's comfort, but tend to be made of bronze (with the jack being wooden) and are usually 90 to 110 millimetres (3.5 to 4.3 in) in diameter and weigh 900 to 1,200 grams (2.0 to 2.6 lb). [2] They must be centrally balanced.

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