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Joe Odagiri
オダギリ ジョー
Odagiri Joe "Foujita" at Opening Ceremony of the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival (22265705578).jpg
Odagiri at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival
Jō Odagiri (小田切 譲, Odagiri Jō)

(1976-02-16) February 16, 1976 (age 45)
Tsuyama, Okayama, Japan
Other namesOdajo
OccupationActor, musician
Years active1999-present
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
(m. 2008)

Jō Odagiri (小田切 譲, Odagiri Jō, born February 16, 1976), better known by his stage name Joe Odagiri (オダギリ ジョー, Odagiri Jō), is a Japanese actor and musician.


Personal life

Joe Odagiri was born in Tsuyama, Okayama prefecture. Though he was accepted by Kochi University, he turned it down for an opportunity to study in the United States. He had originally intended to study film directing at California State University, Fresno, but mistakes in the application process landed him in acting classes. [1] He often says that Tokyo is his second hometown. [2]

On December 27, 2008, at a news conference in Tokyo, Odagiri announced his new project. He would be director of a film that would take 11 years to make.

Filmography (as Actor)


1999 Jubaku: Spellbound
2001Platonic SexToshimi Iwasaki [3]
2003 Azumi Bijomaru Mogami [3]
Bright Future Yuuji NimuraLead role [3]
2004Out of This WorldShozo Ikeshima [3]
Blood and Bones Takeshi [3]
Black KissJoker Jono [4]
2005 Pacchigi! Sakazaki [3]
In the Pool Tetsuya TaguchiLead role [3]
Into a Dream Kōji
Hazard ShinLead role
House of Himiko Haruhiko KishimotoLead role [3]
Shinobi: Heart Under Blade Gennosuke KougaLead role [3]
Scrap Heaven Tetsu [3]
Princess Raccoon AmechiyoLead role [3]
2006Big RiverTeppeiLead role
The Uchōten Hotel Ukon
Retribution Dr. Takagi
The Pavillion SalamandreHoichi Tobishima
Sway Takeru HayakawaLead role
2007 Mushishi GinkoLead role
Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad Masawa NakagawaLead role
Sad Vacation Goto
Adrift in Tokyo Fumiya TakemuraLead role
2009 Plastic City Kirin
Dream Jin
The Warrior and the Wolf Lu ShenkangChinese film
Air Doll Sonoda
2011 I Wish Kenji
Poongsan North Korean border guard 1Cameo
My Way Tatsuo HasegawaLead role, South Korean film
2013 The Great Passage Masashi Nishioka
Real Editor
Mr. Go The Owner of Chunichi DragonsCameo, South Korean film
Human Trust Kugenuma
Present for YouShigeru Kajiwara
2014 The World of Kanako Detective Aikawa
2015Foujita Tsuguharu Foujita Lead role
2016 Over the Fence Yoshio ShiraiwaLead role
Her Love Boils Bathwater Kazuhiro
2017ErnestoFreddy MaymuraLead role
Pumpkin and MayonnaiseHagio
The White GirlSakamotoLead role
2018Room LaunderingGorō Ikazuchi
Human, Space, Time and Human Eve's boyfriendSouth Korean film
2019 Saturday Fiction Chinese film
2021 The Asian Angel
A Day with No Name [5]
We Made a Beautiful BouquetKōhei Kaji [6]
A Madder RedYōichi Tanaka [7]


2000 Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke Godai TV Asahi Lead role
2001OL Visual KeiTV Asahi
A Fragrance of JealousyAsai MakotoTV Asahi
2002First TimeAtsushi Fuji TV
Searchin' for My PolestarKisaki TakeshiFuji TV
TransparentTV AsahiLead role
2003FaceNishijima Kousuke Fuji TV Lead role
Song of the Cane FieldsYoshioka TBS
BeginnerShun Fuji TV Lead role
2004The Violin Over SeasAikawa SenseiFuji TV
Shinsengumi! Saitō Hajime NHK Taiga drama
2005Grumpy GeneKatsuta Hayato Fuji TV
2006Time Limit InvestigatorKiriyama Shuichiro TV Asahi Lead role
2007Time Limit Investigator, Season 2TV AsahiLead role
2008My Younger SisterEgami Mei TBS Lead role
Midnight Diner KatagiriTBS
2010Atami no SousakanTV AsahiLead role
A School Behind BarsIshikawa Junpei TBS Lead role
2011Midnight Diner 2KatagiriTBS
2013 Yae's Sakura Joseph Hardy Neesima NHKTaiga drama
2014Rivers Edge Okawabata Detective AgencyTakeshi MurakiTV TokyoLead role
The Thorns of AliceNishikadoTBS
2015Keisei Saimin no Otoko Part 1 Takahashi Korekiyo NHK Lead role
To Give a DreamMurano Wowow
2016 Sleepeeer Hit! Kei IokibeTBS
2016 Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories Kogure Netflix [8]
2018We Are Rockets!Tarō UrushidoTBS [9]
2019Time Limit Investigator 2019Kiriyama ShuichiroTV AsahiLead role [10]
2021–22Come Come EverybodyJōichirō "Joe" ŌtsukiNHK Asadora [11]






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