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John W. Campbell, Jr.

This is a bibliography of works by American writer John W. Campbell, Jr.


The bibliography is in chronological order of first publication of the books. In most cases only first editions are shown for each title, with the following exceptions. Both British and US editions are shown for Who Goes There? as the title was changed. The Moon is Hell was released both as a novel and a short story collection; both versions are shown. Some confusing variants are shown in full for the Astounding Science Fiction Anthology and its derivatives; the situation is explained more fully in that section. Some other variant titles are listed separately, with notes indicating what the original titles were.

The main bibliographic sources are footnoted from this paragraph and provided much of the information in the following sections. [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] , [5] Some footnotes annotating specific points are provided at the appropriate places below.

Novels and fixups

The Nicholls Encyclopedia [1] mentions a 1952 chapbook, published in Australia, as the first edition of Who Goes There? as a standalone novel, but provides no bibliographic details. The story itself first saw book form in the 1948 Shasta collection; see below.

Short story collections and omnibus editions


Edited books

The situation with regard to The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology and its reprints is confusing enough to warrant a separate discussion. The original anthology, published by Simon & Schuster in 1952, contained 23 stories, and an introduction by Campbell. There have been three separate reissues of these stories in two volumes. The first was done by Grayson & Grayson, in 1954, as The First Astounding Science Fiction Anthology (seven stories) and The Second Science Fiction Anthology (eight stories). This selection omitted the introduction (as did all the later editions) and also omitted eight of the stories. Then in 1956 and 1957 Berkley issued two paperback selections. The first, with serial number G-41, had the same title as the original, 'The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology', but included only eight stories. This was re-released in 1967 under the title Selections From the Astounding Science Fiction Anthology. The second Berkley anthology, which had serial number G-47, was Astounding Tales of Space and Time; this selected another seven stories; again eight stories were omitted, although not the same eight as omitted by the Grayson books: Berkley included five stories not printed in the Grayson versions of the anthology, and omitted five that Grayson did print. Finally, in 1964 and 1965, Four Square printed a third version, again in two volumes, and with the same titles as the Grayson books: The First Astounding Science Fiction Anthology and The Second Astounding Science Fiction Anthology. The first volume contained eleven stories, and the second twelve stories; this version reprinted everything from the original 1952 one-volume edition except for Campbell's introduction.


Short Stories


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