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Jorge Manuel Marques Peixinho Rosado [1] [2] (born 20 January 1940 — 30 June 1995) [3] was a Portuguese composer, pianist and conductor.


Life and career

Born in Montijo, Portugal, Peixinho studied composition and piano at the Conservatory of Lisbon from 1951 through 1958. [3] At that institution he was a pupil of Artur Santos and Jorge Croner de Vasconcelos. [3] He then pursued graduate studies in music composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome where he was mentored in composition by Boris Porena and Goffredo Petrassi; graduating in 1961. [3] In 1960 he worked with Luigi Nono in Venice, and with Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen at the City of Basel Music Academy. [3] From 1960 through 1970 he was a participant in the Darmstädter Ferienkurse, as both student and lecturer. [3] He began teaching courses in contemporary music in 1962 at the Lisbon Conservatory, and at other institutions in Portugal and South America. [3]

In 1970, he created the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group with Clotilde Rosa, and worked at the IPEM studio in Ghent from 1972 to 1973. [3]

He died in Lisbon, Portugal on June 30, 1995. [3]

Works (selective list)

Recordings of his work (selection)

LP: Tecla, 1972 (reed. CD: Jorsom, 1994)

LP: Sassetti, 1974 (reed. CD: Strauss, 1995)

LP: Sassetti, 1978 (reed. CD: Strauss-PortugalSom, 1997)

led by / dir. Carlos Franco. LP: Sassetti, 1982 (reed. CD: PortugalSom, 1991)

Fernando Laires, piano; Manhattan String Quartet. Educo (USA), [1984]

LP: Fundação Nacional de Arte/ Memória Musical Brasileira - "National Foundation for Art/ Brazilian Music Heritage", 1985.

(includes L'Oiseau-Lyre). José Lopes e Silva, guitar. LP: PortugalSom, 1985 (reed. CD, 1995)

LP: Poly, 1988.

Jorge Peixinho:

Orquestra Sinfónica de Budapeste/ GMCL. CD: PortugalSom, 1991.

(includes - O novo canto da Sibila). António Saiote, clarinet. CD Strauss-PortugalSom, 1995.

Jorge Peixinho:

includes - Sax-blue, Passage intérieur, Fantasia-Impromptu. Daniel Kientzy, saxofones /Filarmonica Transilvania et al., CD: Nova Musica, 1996

(includes - 'À flor das águas verdes' and 'Nocturno no Cabo do Mundo'), Grupo de Música Vocal Contemporânea "Contemporary Vocal Group", (led by) dir. Mário Mateus /Jorge Peixinho, Francisco Monteiro e Jaime Mota, pianos 2CD: Numérica, 1996

CD: AM&M, 2002

Miguel Borges Coelho, piano. 2CD: Numérica, 2005

Bibliography (selective list)

by Jorge Peixinho:

about Jorge Peixinho:

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