Joseph A. Pechman

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Joseph A. Pechman
Born(1918-04-02)April 2, 1918
DiedAugust 19, 1989(1989-08-19) (aged 71)
Nationality American
Field Public finance
Alma mater University of Wisconsin–Madison
City College of New York
Harold Groves

Joseph Aaron Pechman (April 2, 1918 – August 19, 1989) was a highly influential economist and taxation scholar in the United States. [1] He graduated from the City College of New York and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He served as president of the American Economic Association and was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was also a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. [2]


Core Ideas

Pechman advocated income taxation, progressive tax rates, and tax reform. [3] He was a major figure in the Tax Reform Act of 1986.


A prolific author, Pechman published influential books such as "Gender in the Workplace" [4] and "How Taxes Affect Economic Behavior". [5]

Personal life

Pechman was born in Borowie, Poland, in 1918. [6] Pechman was married and had two daughters, Ellen Pechman and Jane Pechman Stern.

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