Joseph W. Willard

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Joseph W. Willard
Deputy Minister of Welfare
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1960 ?
Chairman of UNICEF
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Preceded by Zina Harman
Succeeded by İhsan Doğramacı
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Hamilton, Ontario

Joseph W. Willard (born 1917 in Hamilton, Ontario) was a Canadian politician, economist and civil servant in the public health field. He served as Chairman of UNICEF from 1966 to 1968, [1] [2] and as Deputy Minister of Welfare in the Department of National Health and Welfare from 1960. [3]

Hamilton, Ontario City in Ontario, Canada

Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. An industrialized city in the Golden Horseshoe at the west end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton has a population of 536,917, and a metropolitan population of 747,545. The city is located about 60 km southwest of Toronto, with which the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) is formed.

Public health preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society and individuals

Public health has been defined as "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals". Analyzing the health of a population and the threats it faces is the basis for public health. The public can be as small as a handful of people or as large as a village or an entire city; in the case of a pandemic it may encompass several continents. The concept of health takes into account physical, psychological and social well-being. As such, according to the World Health Organization, it is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

UNICEF development policy organization of the UN

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), originally known as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, was created by the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children and mothers in countries that had been devastated by World War II. The Polish physician Ludwik Rajchman is widely regarded as the founder of UNICEF and served as its first chairman from 1946. On Rajchman's suggestion, the American Maurice Pate was appointed its first executive director, serving from 1947 until his death in 1965. In 1950, UNICEF's mandate was extended to address the long-term needs of children and women in developing countries everywhere. In 1953 it became a permanent part of the United Nations System, and the words "international" and "emergency" were dropped from the organization's name, though it retained the original acronym, "UNICEF".

He received a B.A. and an M.A. in political science and economics at the University of Toronto. He then undertook postgraduate studies in government and economics at the University of Toronto and Harvard University, and was a Littauer Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration. He earned a Master of Public Administration degree and a PhD in economics in 1954 at Harvard University. [3]

Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and political behavior. It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics which is commonly thought of as determining of the distribution of power and resources. Political scientists "see themselves engaged in revealing the relationships underlying political events and conditions, and from these revelations they attempt to construct general principles about the way the world of politics works."

Economics Social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

University of Toronto university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located on the grounds that surround Queen's Park. It was founded by royal charter in 1827 as King's College, the first institution of higher learning in the colony of Upper Canada. Originally controlled by the Church of England, the university assumed the present name in 1850 upon becoming a secular institution. As a collegiate university, it comprises eleven colleges, which differ in character and history, each with substantial autonomy on financial and institutional affairs. It has two satellite campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga.

He was Director of the research division of the Department of National Health and Welfare from 1947 to 1960, and served as Deputy Minister of Welfare from 1960. [3] In 1969 he was Acting Deputy Minister of National Health. [4]

Health and Welfare Canada is a former Canadian federal department established in 1944 and split into two separate departments, Health Canada and Human Resources and Labour Canada, in June 1993 by Prime Minister Kim Campbell. Within a few months a new government was elected and Human Resources and Labour Canada became known as Human Resources Development Canada.

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The Public Service of Canada is the civil service of the Government of Canada. Its function is to serve as the staff of the Canadian Crown. The Clerk of the Privy Council, as Canada's senior serving civil servant, is head of the Public Service of Canada.

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Antonio Ordoñez-Plaja (1919–2012) was a Colombian surgeon, sociologist, politician and United Nations official. He served as Minister of Public Health in the Government of Colombia from 1966 to 1970 and as Chairman of UNICEF at the international level from 1976 to 1977.

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