Josiah Hanan

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Josiah Ralph Hanan, known as Ralph Hanan, was a New Zealand politician of the National Party. He was Mayor of Invercargill and then represented the Invercargill electorate in Parliament, following in his uncle Josiah Hanan's footsteps. He served in World War II and his injuries ultimately caused his death at age 60. He is best remembered for the abolition of the death penalty, which had been suspended by the Labour Party, but which National was to reintroduce. As Minister of Justice, it was Hanan's role to introduce the legislation to Parliament, but he convinced enough of his party colleagues to vote with the opposition and thus abolished the death penalty in New Zealand.

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The Mayor of Invercargill is the head of the municipal government of Invercargill, New Zealand, and leads the Invercargill City Council. The mayor is directly elected using a First Past the Post electoral system every three years. The current mayor is Nobby Clark. Invercargill also has a deputy mayor that is chosen from the council. There have been 44 mayors so far.

Susanna Hanan was a New Zealand governess, singer and community worker. She was born in Wallacetown, Southland, New Zealand, on 1 July 1870. She was the wife of Josiah Hanan and the aunt of Ralph Hanan.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">1930 Invercargill by-election</span> New Zealand by-election

The 1930 Invercargill by-election was a by-election during the 23rd New Zealand Parliament in the Southland electorate of Invercargill. The by-election occurred following the death of Sir Joseph Ward on 8 July 1930. The by-election, which was held on 13 August, was won by the late Prime Minister's second son, Vincent Ward against James Hargest.


Josiah Hanan
Josiah Alfred Hanan, ca 1908.jpg
Josiah Hanan, ca 1908
10th Chairman of Committees of the Legislative Council
In office
7 October 1932 5 July 1939
Political offices
Preceded by Mayor of Invercargill
Succeeded by
Preceded by Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Preceded bySucceeded by
Preceded by Minister of Police
Succeeded by
Preceded by Minister of Education
Succeeded by
Preceded by
James Allen
Succeeded by
Preceded by Chairman of Committees of the Legislative Council
Succeeded by
New Zealand Parliament
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Invercargill
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