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Joss Ambler
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1939 Spotlight photo by Angus McBean
Born23 June 1900
Years active1937–58
SpouseIrene Floyd

Joss Ambler (23 June 1900 – 1959) was an Australian-born British film and television actor. [1] He usually played somewhat pompous and irascible figures of authority, particularly in comedy films. He was an effective foil to George Formby in both Trouble Brewing (as Lord Redhill) and Come On George! (as Sir Charles), and similarly to Will Hay in The Black Sheep of Whitehall , (as a government minister). [2]



1937 The Last Curtain Ellis
Captain's Orders Randolph Potts
1938 The Claydon Treasure Mystery Inspector Fleming
Break the News Press Agent
Meet Mr. Penny Gridley
The Citadel Dr. A.H. Llewellyn
Premiere Spectator
Keep Smiling MaxUncredited
1939 Murder in Soho Drunk
Trouble Brewing Lord Redhill
Black Eyes Tipsy DinerUncredited
Secret Journey Col. Blondin
Come On George! Sir Charles Bailey
1940 Contraband Lt. Cmdr. Ashton
The Briggs Family Prosecutor
1941 The Prime Minister Earl of CarnarvonUncredited
Fingers Inspector
Once a Crook Inspector Marsh
Atlantic Ferry Dr Lardner
Jeannie Proprietor
1942 The Black Sheep of Whitehall Sir John
The Big Blockade Stoltenhoff
Penn of Pennsylvania Lord Mayor
The Next of Kin Mr Vernon
Flying Fortress SheepsheadUncredited
Let the People Sing Minor RoleUncredited
Gert and Daisy Clean Up Mr. Perry
Much Too Shy Sir George Driscoll
1943 The Peterville Diamond Police Chief
The Silver Fleet Cornelis Smit
Happidrome Mr Mossup
Rhythm Serenade Mr. Preston
Somewhere in Civvies Matthews
Headline Chief Sub-Editor
Battle for MusicMr. Clifton
1944 The Halfway House Pinsent
A Canterbury Tale Police Inspector
Candles at Nine Garth Hope
1945 Give Me the Stars George Burns
They Were Sisters Blakemore
I'll Be Your Sweetheart Dugan
The Agitator Charles Sheridan
1946 The Years Between Atherton
Under New Management Hotel Manager
Here Comes the Sun Bradshaw
1947 Mine Own Executioner Julian Briant
1950 Her Favourite Husband Mr Wilson
The Magnet Businessman
1952 Who Goes There! Tour GuideUncredited
Something Money Can't Buy Mr Burton
Ghost Ship Yard Manager
Murder at Scotland Yard Lester
1953 Martin Luther
The Captain's Paradise Prof. Ebbart
Background Judge
1954 John Wesley Trustee of Georgia
Aunt Clara Paul LevingtonUncredited
The Harassed Hero Dr Grice
1955 Miss Tulip Stays the Night Inspector Thorne
1956 The Feminine Touch Mr Bateman
Soho Incident Tom Walker
The Long Arm Cashier
The Big Money HobsonUncredited
1958 Dunkirk Small Boat OwnerUncredited

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The Claydon Treasure Mystery is a 1938 film directed by H. Manning Haynes and starring John Stuart, Garry Marsh and Evelyn Ankers. Murder at a large old manor house attracts the attentions of a mystery writer. It was made at Wembley Studios as a quota quickie by the British subsidiary of 20th Century Fox.

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