Journey Beneath the Desert

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Journey Beneath the Desert
Directed by
Produced byLuigi Nannerini [1] [2]
Screenplay by
Based on L'Atlantide
by Pierre Benoit
Music by Carlo Rustichelli [1] [2]
Cinematography Enzo Serafin [1] [2]
Edited by Renato Cinquini [1] [2]
Release date
  • 5 May 1961 (1961-05-05)(Italy)
  • 28 June 1961 (1961-06-28)(France)
Running time
105 minutes [1] [2]
  • Italy
  • France [3]

Journey Beneath the Desert (Italian : Antinea, l'amante della città sepolta) is a 1961 adventure film based on the novel Atlantida by Pierre Benoit. [1] [2]




Frank Borzage was slated to direct the film and began production but left due to an illness and was replaced with Edgar G. Ulmer. [2]


Journey Beneath the Desert was released in Italy on 5 May 1961. [1] [2] It was released in France on 28 June 1961. [3]


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