Juan de Landa

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Juan de Landa
Actress Assumpcio Casals and Juan de Landa in "Al margen de la ley" film (1935).jpg
Actress Assumpció Casals and Juan de Landa in Al margen de la ley film (1935)
Born27 January 1894
Died18 February 1968
Motrico, Basque Country
Other namesJuan Pisón Pagoaga y Landa
Years active1930 - 1958

Juan de Landa (1894–1968) was a Spanish film actor, who was born in the Basque Country. de Landa entered the film industry in 1930 following the arrival of sound film. He initially acted in Spanish-language versions of Hollywood films, but later worked mainly in the Spanish and Italian film industries. His best-known role is in Luchino Visconti's 1943 film Ossessione . [1]


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Saint Rogelia is a 1940 Spanish drama film directed by Roberto de Ribón and starring Germaine Montero, Rafael Rivelles and Juan de Landa. It was shot at Cinecitta in Rome as part of an agreement between Francisco Franco's Nationalists and the Italian government A separate Italian-language version The Sin of Rogelia Sanchez was produced at the same time. The film is based on the 1926 novel Santa Rogelia by Armando Palacio Valdés. It was remade in 1962 by Rafael Gil.

The Sin of Rogelia Sanchez is a 1940 Italian drama film directed by Carlo Borghesio and Roberto de Ribón and starring Germaine Montero, Juan de Landa and Rafael Rivelles.


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