Juanita (1935 film)

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Directed by Pierre Caron
Written by
Produced byAlfred Rode
Cinematography Fédote Bourgasoff
Music byAlfred Rode
Films Alfred Rode
Release date
27 September 1935
Running time
90 minutes
Language French

Juanita is a 1935 French musical comedy film directed by Pierre Caron and starring Mireille Perrey, Alfred Rode and André Berley. The following year it was remade in Britain as Gypsy Melody directed by Edmond T. Gréville and starring Lupe Vélez and Alfred Rode. [1]


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Alfred Rode was an Italian-born French composer, musician, actor and film director. He was born in Torre del Greco. In 1936 Rode appeared in the British film Gypsy Melody alongside Lupe Vélez, which was a remake of his own 1935 film Juanita. Rode was married to the French actress Claudine Dupuis from 1951.

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