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Julia Peng
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Born (1972-04-20) 20 April 1972 (age 49)
Years active1995–present
Awards Golden Melody Awards – *Best New Artist
  • Best Mandarin Female Singer

Julia Peng (Chinese :彭佳慧; pinyin :Péng Jiāhuì; Wade–Giles :Peng Chia-hui; born 20 April 1972) is a Taiwanese singer. She won the Best Mandarin Female Singer award at the 27th Golden Melody Awards in 2016. [1]

I Am a Singer

Julia Peng participated in Hunan Television's singing competition I Am a Singer, where she entered the competition as a replacement contestant on season one. She later returned on season two as a guest singer on the Biennial Concert episode, and later on season five as one of four returning singers of the season; this time however, she failed to qualify for the finals, and she was not selected in that season's Biennial concert. [2]

I Am a Singer (season 1)
I Am a Singer Season 1 Julia Peng's Performance List
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
9Qualifying Round 5March 15, 2013"The Day On The Red Carpet" (Mandarin)Julia PengLyrics: Preston Lee
Composer: Chen Kuo Hua
Arranger: Kubert Leung
10Knockout Round 5March 22, 2013"Cruel Gentle" (Mandarin) Chyi Chin Lyrics: Li Gedi
Composer: Chyi Chin
Arranger: Kubert Leung
412.35%A4th place in Overall ranking
11Revival RoundMarch 29, 2013Exempted (did not perform this week)
12SemifinalApril 5, 2013"One Moment in Time" (English) Whitney Houston Lyrics: Albert Hammond
Composer: John Bettis
Arranger: Kubert Leung
131st Final RoundApril 12, 2013"Any Beer Bottles For Sale" (Mandarin) Su Rui Lyrics: Lo Ta Yu, Hou Dejian
Composer: Hou Dejian
Arranger: Yao Hung
Hong Xinjie
5UnknownBackup singer is Shunza
"Nothing to My Name" (Mandarin) Cui Jian Lyrics/Composer: Cui Jian
Arranger: Yao Hung
Hong Xinjie
2nd Final Round"Tegret Not Having Met Earlier" (Mandarin)Julia PengLyrics: Wawa
Composer: Chen Kuo Hua
Arranger: Kubert Leung
UnknownDid not qualify for the "Ultimate Winner Candidate"
2014 Biennial ConcertApril 11, 2014"Lukang Town" (Mandarin) Lo Ta Yu Lyrics/Composer: Lo Ta Yu
Arranger: Kubert Leung
Singer 2017


Singer2017 Julia Peng's Performance List
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
9Challenge Round 4March 18, 2017"Loving One Who Doesn't Go Home" (Mandarin) Sandy Lam Lyrics: Ting Hsiao Wen
Composer: Chan Chi Yuen
Arranger: Again
10Knockout Round 5March 25, 2017"Crazy Love" (Mandarin) Mindy Quah Lyrics: Julia Peng, Huang Kwei Lan, Tai Wei Cheng
Composer: Julia Peng
Arranger: Nick Pyo
Last Place in Overall ranking
11Breakouts RoundApril 1, 2017"The Senior Lady" (Mandarin)Julia PengLyrics: Chen Hung-yu
Composer: Ricky Hsiao
Arranger: Nick Pyo
77.22%Breakout success (ranked 6th out of top seven performers)
"The Day On The Red Carpet" (Mandarin)Lyrics: Preston Lee
Composer: Chen Kuo Hua
Arranger: Nick Pyo
12Semi-finalsApril 8, 2017"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (English) Whitney Houston Lyrics/Composer: George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam
Arranger: Nick Pyo
Bottom Two Placements in ranking
13Grand FinalsApril 15, 2017"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (English) Frankie Valli Lyrics/Composer: Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio
Arranger: John Laudon
Return Performance
Paired with Teresa Carpio
Nick Chung
Stella Chung
"Miss You Everyday" (Mandarin) Chang Yu-sheng Lyrics: Fred Chen
Composer: Chen Chih-yuan
Arranger: John Laudon

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