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Julien Duvivier (8 October 1896, in Lille – 29 October 1967, in Paris) was a French film director. He rose to prominence in French cinema in the silent era, and directed some of the most notable films of the poetic realism in the 1930s, such as La belle équipe and Pépé le Moko . During World War II he worked in the United States. He returned to France with Panic (Panique) in 1946 and continued to work in Europe for the rest of his career. He had a big commercial success with The Little World of Don Camillo which had 12.8 million admissions in 1952. His last film was Diabolically Yours from 1967. [1] [2]


YearEnglish titleOriginal titleProduction
1919 Haceldama ou le prix du sang France
1920 The Reincarnation of Serge Renaudie La réincarnation de Serge RenaudierFrance
1922 The Death Agony of the Eagles L'agonie des aiglesFranceco-directed with Dominique Bernard-Deschamps
1922 Les roquevillard France
1922 The Sinister Guest Der unheimliche Gast / Le logis de l'horreurGermany
1922 The Hurricane on the Mountain L'ouragan sur la montagneFrance
1923 The Reflection of Claude Mercœur Le reflet de Claude MercœurFrance
1924 A Machine for Recreating Life La machine à refaire la vieFranceDocumentary
1924 Credo ou la tragédie de Lourdes France
1924 L'œuvre immortelle France
1924 Cœurs farouches France
1925 The Red Head Poil de carotteFrance
1925 The Abbot Constantine L'abbé ConstantinFrance
1926 The Man with the Hispano L'Homme à l'HispanoFrance
1927 Le mystère de la tour Eiffel France
1927 The Marriage of Mademoiselle Beulemans Le mariage de Mademoiselle BeulemansFrance
1927 L'agonie de Jérusalem France
1928 The Maelstrom of Paris Le tourbillon de ParisFrance
1929 The Miraculous Life of Thérèse Martin La Vie miraculeuse de Thérèse MartinFrance
1929 Mother Hummingbird Maman ColibriFrance
1929 The Divine Voyage La divine croisièreFrance
1930 The Ladies’ Paradise Au bonheur des damesFrance
1931 David Golder David GolderFranceDuvivier's first sound film
1931 Moon Over Morocco Les cinq gentlemen mauditsFranceFrench language version
1931 Here's Berlin Allo Berlin? Ici Paris!France
1932 The Five Accursed Gentlemen Die fünf verfluchten Gentlemen FranceGerman language version
1932 La vénus du collège France
1932 The Red Head Poil de carotteFrance
1933 A Man's Neck La Tête d'un hommeFrance
1933 The Little King Le petit roiFrance
1933 A Machine for Recreating Life La machine à refaire la vieFrance
1934 S.S. Tenacity Le paquebot TenacityFrance
1934 Maria Chapdelaine Maria ChapdelaineFrance
1935 Golgotha GolgothaFrance
1935 La Bandera La BanderaFrance
1936 The Golem Le golemFrance
1936 The Man of the Hour L'homme du jourFrance
1936 La Belle Équipe La belle équipeFranceAKA They Were Five
1937 Pépé le Moko Pépé le MokoFrance
1937 Dance Program Un carnet de balFranceAKA Dance of Life and Life Dances On
1938 Marie Antoinette Marie AntoinetteUSAuncredited, co-directed with W.S. Van Dyke
1938 The Great Waltz The Great WaltzUnited States
1939 The End of the Day La Fin du jourFrance
1939 The Phantom Carriage La charrette fantômeFrance
1941 Lydia LydiaUnited StatesRemake of Dance Program
1942 Tales of Manhattan Tales of ManhattanUnited States
1943 Flesh and Fantasy Flesh and FantasyUnited States
1943 The Heart of a Nation Untel père et filsFrance
1944 The Impostor The ImpostorUnited States
1944 Destiny DestinyUnited Statesuncredited, co-directed with Reginald Le Borg
1946 Panic (Panique)PaniqueFrance
1948 Anna Karenina Anna KareninaUnited Kingdom
1949 The Sinners Au royaume des cieuxFrance
1950 Black Jack Black JackSpain, United States and France
1951 Under the Sky of Paris Sous le ciel de ParisFrance
1952 The Little World of Don Camillo Le Petit monde de Don CamilloFrance
1952 Holiday for Henrietta La Fête à HenrietteFrance
1953 The Return of Don Camillo Le Retour de Don CamilloFrance
1954 On Trial L'affaire MauriziusFrance and Italy
1954 Twelve Hours to Live Voici le temps des assassinsFranceAKA Deadlier Than the Male
1955 Marianne of My Youth Marianne de ma jeunesseFrance and West GermanyShot in (almost identical) French and German version
1957 The Man in the Raincoat L'Homme à l'imperméableFrance and Italy
1957 Lovers of Paris Pot-BouilleFrance
1959 The Woman and the Puppet La Femme et le PantinFrance and Italy
1959 Marie-Octobre Marie-OctobreFrance
1960 The High Life La Grande vieFrance, West Germany and Italy
1960 Boulevard BoulevardFrance
1962 The Burning Court La chambre ardenteFrance, Italy and West Germany
1963 The Devil and the Ten Commandments Le Diable et les Dix CommandementsFrance
1963 Highway Pickup Chair de pouleFrance
1967 Diabolically Yours Diaboliquement vôtreFrance and West Germany

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Julien Duvivier</span> French film director and screenwriter

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