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Jullan Kindahl

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Jullan Kindahl and Edvard Persson in Orfeus (1926)
Born(1885-04-12)12 April 1885
Stockholm, Sweden
Died 18 April 1979(1979-04-18) (aged 94)
Malmö, Sweden
Occupation Actress
Years active 1909-1970

Jullan Kindahl (12 April 1885 18 April 1979) was a Swedish actress.

Born Julia Carolina Carlsson, she worked as an actress from 1900s until the 1960s. She appeared in Swedish theatres like the Hippodromen in Malmö, the Malmö City Theatre in Malmö and the Stora Teatern in Göteborg. Kindahl also made 33 films between 1923 and 1962. She remains perhaps best known for her domestic supporting roles in two films: as the cook Beata in Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) and as Professor Borg's housekeeper Agda in Wild Strawberries (1957), both of which were directed by Ingmar Bergman. She was married with actor Arvid Kindahl (1887-1927) from 1913 until his early death.

Malmö Place in Scania, Sweden

Malmö is the largest city of the Swedish county of Skåne County, the third-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the sixth-largest city in Scandinavia, with a population of 312,012 inhabitants in 2017 out of a municipal total of 338,230. The Malmö Metropolitan Region is home to over 700,000 people, and the Øresund Region, which includes Malmö, is home to 4 million people.

Malmö City Theatre in Malmö, Sweden, is the main theatre of Malmö.

<i>Smiles of a Summer Night</i> 1955 film by Ingmar Bergman

Smiles of a Summer Night is a 1955 Swedish comedy film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. It was shown at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. In 2005 TIME magazine ranked it one of the 100 greatest films since 1923.

Selected filmography

Elvira Madigan is a 1943 Swedish romantic drama film directed by Ake Ohberg. The film is based on the famous true story of Elvira Madigan. The film stars Eva Henning and Åke Ohberg.

Resan bort is a 1945 Swedish drama film directed by Alf Sjöberg.

Last Pair Out, is a 1956 Swedish drama film directed by Alf Sjöberg and written by Ingmar Bergman. It was entered into the 7th Berlin International Film Festival.

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<i>Wild Strawberries</i> (film) 1957 film by Ingmar Bergman

Wild Strawberries is a 1957 Swedish drama film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The original Swedish title is Smultronstället, which literally means "The wild strawberry patch" but idiomatically signifies an underrated gem of a place, often with personal or sentimental value. The cast includes Victor Sjöström in his final screen performance as an old man recalling his past, as well as Bergman regulars Bibi Andersson, Ingrid Thulin and Gunnar Björnstrand. Max von Sydow also appears in a small role. Bergman wrote the screenplay while hospitalized. Exploring philosophical themes such as introspection and human existence, Wild Strawberries is often considered to be one of Bergman's greatest and most moving films.

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Herman "Erik" Nordgren was a Swedish composer, arranger and bandleader.