Just Another Day (2009 film)

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Just Another Day
Just Another Day FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byPeter Spirer
Produced byRalph Clemente
Peter Spirer
Young Dre The Truth
Eric Tomosunas
Written byIain Kennedy
Peter Spirer
Starring Jamie Hector
Wood Harris
Esther Baxter
Lil' Scrappy
Inny Clemons
Petey Pablo
Trick Daddy
Young Dre The Truth
Big Daddy Kane
Clifton Powell
Music by Young Dre The Truth
Distributed by Image Entertainment
Release date
  • July 20, 2010 (2010-07-20)(Underwold Film Festival) [1]
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Just Another Day is a 2010 hip-hop drama film starring Jamie Hector as Young Eastie and Wood Harris as A-Maze. It premiered at the 2010 Urbanworld Film Festival, and showed on BET in July 2011.



Two hip-hop rappers, A-Maze and Young Eastie, are both struggling in a twenty-four-hour time frame in Miami, Florida.

Young Eastie is an up-and-coming rapper with big dreams of making music; on the other hand, A-Maze, who already has the fame, is a rapper gone sour with bad press and a change in his fan base.

Eastie is making his music, working at a fast-food restaurant, and selling marijuana out of the window. He and his friend/producer Jay, portrayed by Lil' Scrappy, manage to get an interview with A-Maze, which gives Eastie a chance to give him his demo.

A-Maze's bodyguard shoots a fellow musician during a club party, which sends the media hounding for his head. The shooting causes his career to go belly-up overnight, and presses his contractor, portrayed by Big Daddy Kane, to release his album to capitalize on his temporary limelight.

In the meantime, Eastie and A-Maze's rivals (Pablo and Trick Daddy) come after both Eastie and A-Maze to keep them quiet about the simultaneous shootings which took place the night before, slowing both of them down before the end of the night.


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