Kırklareli Province

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Kırklareli Province

Kırklareli ili
Kirklareli in Turkey.svg
Location of Kırklareli Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region West Marmara
Subregion Tekirdağ
   Electoral district Kırklareli
  GovernorOsman Bilgin
  Total6,550 km2 (2,530 sq mi)
 (2020) [1]
  Density55/km2 (140/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0288O
Vehicle registration 39

Kırklareli Province (Turkish : Kırklareli ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey on the west coast of the Black Sea. The province neighbours Bulgaria to the north along a 180-kilometre (110 mi) long border. It borders the province of Edirne to the west and the province of Tekirdağ to the south and province of Istanbul to the southeast. Kırklareli is the capital city of the province. The province's and its central city's name means "the land of the forties" in Turkish and it may refer either to the forty Ottoman ghazis sent by the sultan Murad I to conquer the city for the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century or to the forty churches reported to be situated in the region before the Ottoman conquest, as attested by the former name of Kırklareli (Kırk Kilise in Turkish; Σαράντα Εκκλησιές). There is a memorial on a hilltop in Kırklareli city, called "Kırklar Anıtı" (the Memorial of the Forties in Turkish) to honor the Ottoman conquerors (For more on the name's origins, see Kırklareli ). The province is bisected by the Yıldız (Istranca) mountain range. The north and northeastern parts of the province are among the least populated and under developed parts of Turkey. The districts to the south and west are more populated because the land is better suited for agriculture and industrial development. The north and eastern parts of the province are dominated by forests. Therefore, forestry is an important means of living in these areas. Fishing is done along the Black Sea coast.


Kırklareli is the capital of the province, and the largest city.


The province was included in the Second Inspectorate General, which established on the 19 February 1934 and extended over the provinces of Edirne, Çanakkale, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ. [2] It was governed by an Inspector General, who had extensive authorities over civilian, military and educational matters. [3] The office of the Inspectorate-General was abandoned in 1948 [4] but the legal framework of the Inspectorate-Generals was only abolished in 1952, under the Government of the Democrat Party. [5]


Statue of wine grape harvesting woman with child in downtown Kirklareli. StatueWineGrapeHarvestKirklareli.JPG
Statue of wine grape harvesting woman with child in downtown Kırklareli.

The province of Kırklareli is an important region for viticulture and winemaking. A syrup called "Hardaliye", made of grape, cherry leaves and mustard seeds, is a non-alcoholic beverage special to the region. [6] [7]

Local attractions

Dupnisa Cave is a famous natural attraction and a unique geological formation within the borders of the province in the north. The 60 km long coast along the Black Sea harbors one of the most pristine and undeveloped beaches in all of Turkey. There are two Nature Reserve Areas along the coast namely Saka Gölü (Saka Lake) Nature Reserve Area to the north and Kasatura Körfezi (Kasatura Bay) Nature Reserve Area to the south. These sites are unique with their undisturbed ecosystems harboring several endangered and endemic plant and animal species.


Districts of Kirklareli province Kirklareli districts.png
Districts of Kırklareli province

Kırklareli province is divided into eight districts (capital district in bold):

Sister cities

Sister cities (Kardes sehirler) Kirklareli Sister Cies.jpg
Sister cities (Kardeş şehirler)

Kırklareli is twinned with:

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Inspectorates-General or General Inspectorates was a regional governorship whose authorities prevailed over civilian, military and judicial institutions under their domain of the direct command of Mustafa Kemal in order to establishing authoritarian rule and to consolidate the authority in the process of Turkification of religious and ethnic minorities.

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The Second Inspectorate-General refers to a Turkish regional administrative subdivision comprising the provinces Edirne, Çanakkale, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ.


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