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KZ2 is a kart racing class using 125 cc water-cooled two-stroke engines yielding about 45 hp (34 kW). The engines are equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. Z2 is the second fastest of the KZ karting racing categories, and technical regulations are similar to faster KZ1 except that in KZ2 the gearbox must be "hand-operated and exclusively mechanical without a servo system", as well as the use of medium tires. [1] Both the engine and chassis must be approved by the CIK-FIA racing governing commission. The class is open to drivers aged 15 years and up with the minimum weight being 175 kg, this includes the kart and driver.


The KZ2 class used to be called Intercontinental C (ICC) and was renamed by the CIK-FIA in January 2007.

The KZ2 class is run in both national and continental championships and is popular in Europe and the USA. In the UK, since the beginning of 2019, The Motorsport UK run championship is the only British Championship and runs to CIK regulations with Le Cont tyres. The NKF Super 4 series continues as KZ UK with a minimum weight of 180 kg but has no championship status.

CIK-FIA Karting International Supercup

YearChampionChassis / Engine / TireClass
2013 Flag of France.svg Dorian Boccolacci Energy Corse / TM / Bridgestone KZ2 Supercup
2014 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ryan Van Der BurgtDR / Modena / Bridgestone KZ2 Supercup
2015 Flag of France.svg Thomas Laurent Tony Kart / Vortex / LeContKZ2 Supercup
2016 Flag of Spain.svg Pedro Hiltbrand CRG / Maxter / VegaKZ2 Supercup
2017 Flag of Italy.svg Alex IrlandoSodikart / TM / Bridgestone KZ2 Supercup
2018 Flag of Italy.svg Matteo Viganò Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone KZ2 Supercup
2019 Flag of France.svg Emilien DennerSodikart / TM / Bridgestone KZ2 Supercup
2020 Flag of Italy.svg Simone Cunati Birel / TM / VegaKZ2 Supercup

CIK-FIA European Championships

YearEuropean ChampionChassis / Engine / TireClass
2007 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Thomas KnopperPCR / TM / Dunlop KZ2
2008 Flag of France.svg Tony LavanantEnergy Corse / TM / Bridgestone KZ2
2009 Flag of Italy.svg Angelo Lombardo Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone KZ2
2010 Flag of Italy.svg Paolo De ContoEnergy Corse / TM / VegaKZ2
2011 Flag of Italy.svg Fabian Federer CRG / TM / Bridgestone KZ2
2012 Flag of Lithuania.svg Simas JuodvirsisEnergy Corse / TM / VegaKZ2
2013 Flag of Norway.svg Emil AntonsenDR / TM / Bridgestone KZ2
2014 Flag of Italy.svg Andrea Dalè CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone KZ2
2015 Flag of Sweden.svg Joel JohanssonEnergy Corse / TM / LeContKZ2
2016 Flag of Italy.svg Fabian Federer CRG / TM / Bridgestone KZ2
2017 Flag of Germany.svg Leon Köhler Tony Kart / Vortex / VegaKZ2
2018 Flag of France.svg Adrien RenaudinSodikart / TM / LeContKZ2
2019 Flag of Sweden.svg Emil SkäråsEnergy Corse / TM / Bridgestone KZ2
2020 Flag of Sweden.svg Victor Gustavsson Birel / TM / VegaKZ2


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