Kantō Soccer League

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Kantō Soccer League
Founded1967;53 years ago (1967)
Confederation AFC
Number of teamsDiv 1: 10
Div 2: 10
Level on pyramid5–6
Promotion to Japan Football League
Relegation toPrefectural Leagues
Domestic cup(s) Emperor's Cup
Most championshipsHonda Luminozo Sayama F.C. (6)
Website http://www.kanto-sl.jp/

Kantō Soccer League (関東サッカーリーグ) is a Japanese football league covering the Kantō region, the prefectures of Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Saitama, Tochigi, Tokyo and Yamanashi. Its area is thus coextensive with the National Capital Region.

2015 clubs

DivisionNames of teamsHometown
Division 1 Briobecca Urayasu Urayasu, Chiba
Tokyo 23 F.C. Special wards of Tokyo
Vonds Ichihara Ichihara, Chiba
F.C. Korea Tokyo
Ryutsu Keizai University F.C. Ryūgasaki, Ibaraki
Vertfee Takahara Nasu Yaita, Tochigi
Tonan Maebashi Maebashi, Gunma
Hitachi Building System S.C. Chiyoda, Tokyo
Saitama S.C. Sayama, Saitama
Joyful Honda Tsukuba F.C. Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Division 2 Aries F.C. Tokyo Nerima, Tokyo
Yokohama Takeru Yokohama, Kanagawa
JMSDF Atsugi Marcus Atsugi, Kanagawa
Nihonkogakuin F・Marinos Yokohama, Kanagawa
Kanagawa-ken Kyoin S.C. Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
Toho Titanium S.C. Chigasaki, Kanagawa
Taisei City F.C. Sakado Sakado, Saitama
Tonan Maebashi Satellite Maebashi, Gunma
Waseda United Nishitōkyō, Tokyo
F.C. TIU Sakado, Saitama

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The Kanto region is a geographical area of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. In a common definition, the region includes the Greater Tokyo Area and encompasses seven prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa. Within its boundaries, slightly more than 45 percent of the land area is the Kanto Plain. The rest consists of the hills and mountains that form the land borders. According to the official census on October 1, 2010, by the Japan Statistics Bureau, the population was 42,607,376, amounting to approximately one third of the total population of Japan.

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Saitama S.C. (さいたまSC) is a Japanese football club playing in the Kanto Soccer League, one of the Japanese Regional Leagues. The club aims for promotion to the Japan Football League.

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Vonds Ichihara (VONDS市原) is a Japanese football club based in Ichihara, Chiba. The club plays in the first division of Kantō Soccer League.

Toho Titanium Soccer Club is a Japanese football club based in Kanagawa. The club has played in Japan Soccer League Division 2. It currently plays in Japanese Regional Leagues.

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