Karl Chircop

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Karl Chircop
Member of Parliament
In office
5 December 1996 12 October 2008
Succeeded by Gino Cauchi
Personal details
Born(1965-08-07)7 August 1965
Flag of Malta.svg Ħ'Attard, Malta
Died12 October 2008(2008-10-12) (aged 43)
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London, United Kingdom
Political party Labour (PL)
Residence Flag of Malta.svg Gudja, Malta
Profession Medical Doctor
Website www.mlp.org.mt

Karl Chircop (7 August 1965 – 12 October 2008) was a family doctor and Maltese politician. He was Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives of Malta of the Malta Labour Party (Partit Laburista) from 1996 to 2008, served as shadow Minister for post, Social Policy, and Health. [1]


Political career

Karl Chircop started off in the Labour Party as a member of the youth section of the Labour Party, the Labour Youth Forum (Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti). He contested the general elections for the first time in 1996 on the 4th district (Gudja, Għaxaq, Marsa, Paola, Santa Luċija, Tarxien). He became a member of parliament in 1996 at age 31, and continued to be elected in parliament ever since.

During the Labour government of 1996–98 he was appointed in the Council of Europe in the committee of Social affairs and Economic affairs, where he served as leader of the Maltese delegation.


Dr Chircop turned 43 on 7 August 2008. A few days later he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital, from where he was later taken to London's National Hospital for Neurology. On 12 October 2008, soon after doctors completed tests to confirm the compatibility of his donated organs, life support was disconnected. He had been confirmed clinically dead since the previous Sunday afternoon. [2] The funeral held on Saturday 18 October 2008, at Christ the King Parish Church, Paola, Malta. [3]

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