Kazufumi Miyazawa

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Kazufumi Miyazawa
Miyazawa Sick Band - Kazufumi Miyazawa and Claudia Oshiro - Europe Tour 2005 (Przemyśl)
Background information
Born (1966-01-18) January 18, 1966 (age 54)
Origin Yamanashi, Japan
  • Actor
  • musician
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, Sanshin
Years active1989–present
Associated acts The Boom

Kazufumi Miyazawa (宮沢和史, Miyazawa Kazufumi, born January 18, 1966) is the founder of the Japanese bands The Boom and Ganga Zumba. The former was noted in the 1990s for a fusion of rock, pop, and local Okinawan folk music. Miyazawa is responsible for virtually all lyrics and music for The Boom, who are best known for their 1993 hit song "Shima Uta".


In 2006, he founded the band Ganga Zumba which includes Marcos Suzano and incorporates Brazilian and other Latin American and Caribbean influences in its music.

Personal life

He married TV personality Dionne Mitsuoka in 1994. He had three children (two boys and a girl). His eldest son, Hio Miyazawa, debuted as a model in 2015 and began his acting career in 2017.


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