Ken Comber

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Kenneth (Ken) Mark Comber (20 January 1939 – 6 December 1998) was a New Zealand politician of the National Party, and an accountant.



New Zealand Parliament
1972 1975 37th Wellington Central National
1975 1978 38th Wellington Central National
1978 1981 39th Wellington Central National

Comber was born in New Plymouth. He received his education at St Joseph's Convent, New Plymouth Boys' High School, and Victoria University. [1] He married Diane Holyoake, a daughter of Sir Keith Holyoake, in 1966, and they had three children together. [2]

He trained as an accountant and was chief accountant for National Electric (1969–1972), and then general manager of John H. Walker and Co. Ltd (1972–1973). [1]

Comber joined the National Party in 1967 and was the secretary of the Wellington Branch (1970–1972). [1] He represented the Wellington Central electorate in Parliament from 1972 to 1981, [3] when he was defeated by Fran Wilde. [4] In the Muldoon cabinet, he was under-secretary for Internal Affairs, Local Government, Recreation and Sport, Civil Defence, and Arts. [5]

Comber died of cancer in Wellington. [2]


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New Zealand Parliament
Preceded by
Dan Riddiford
Member of Parliament for Wellington Central
Succeeded by
Fran Wilde