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Ken Foree
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Foree attending Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, January 2007
Born (1948-02-29) February 29, 1948 (age 71)
Occupation Actor
Years active1976–present

Ken Foree (born February 29, 1948) is an American actor, best known as the protagonist Peter from the horror film Dawn of the Dead and as Roger Rockmore on the Nickelodeon television sitcom Kenan & Kel .

Horror film Film genre

A horror film is a film that seeks to elicit fear for entertainment purposes. Initially inspired by literature from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, horror has existed as a film genre for more than a century. The macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes. Horror may also overlap with the fantasy, supernatural fiction, and thriller genres.

<i>Dawn of the Dead</i> (1978 film) 1978 horror film directed by George A. Romero

Dawn of the Dead is a 1978 American independent zombie horror film directed by George A. Romero. It was written by Romero in collaboration with the Italian filmmaker Dario Argento and produced by Richard P. Rubinstein. It was the second film made in Romero's Night of the Living Dead series and shows in a larger scale the apocalyptic effects on society, though it contains no characters or settings from the film Night of the Living Dead. In the film, a phenomenon of unidentified origin has caused the reanimation of the dead, who prey on human flesh. David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, and Gaylen Ross star as survivors of the outbreak who barricade themselves inside a suburban shopping mall amid mass hysteria.

Nickelodeon is an American pay television network which was launched on December 1, 1977 as the first cable channel for children. It is owned by Viacom through its Viacom Media Networks division's Nickelodeon Group unit and is based in New York City. It broadcasts usually from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. It is primarily aimed at children and adolescents aged 2–17.


Early life and career

Foree was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He began acting in the 1970s, appearing in the 1976 film The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings and the films The Wanderers and Dawn of the Dead . [1] He also had roles in the films The Dentist (1996), From Beyond (1986) and Knightriders (1981). In 1995 he starred in an X-Files episode. In 2005, he played Charlie Altamont in the film The Devil's Rejects , starring opposite Sid Haig and Bill Moseley, as the adopted brother of Haig's character. Foree also played the role of Roger Rockmore, Kenan and Kyra's father on the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel with Teal Marchande as his wife, Sheryl.

Indianapolis State capital and Consolidated city-county in the United States

Indianapolis, often shortened to Indy, is the state capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. According to 2017 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the consolidated population of Indianapolis and Marion County was 872,680. The "balance" population, which excludes semi-autonomous municipalities in Marion County, was 863,002. It is the 16th most populous city in the U.S. The Indianapolis metropolitan area is the 34th most populous metropolitan statistical area in the U.S., with 2,028,614 residents. Its combined statistical area ranks 27th, with a population of 2,411,086. Indianapolis covers 368 square miles (950 km2), making it the 16th largest city by land area in the U.S.

<i>The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings</i> 1976 film by John Badham

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings is a 1976 sports comedy film about a team of enterprising ex-Negro League baseball players in the era of racial segregation. Loosely based upon William Brashler's novel of the same name, it starred Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor. Directed by John Badham, the movie was produced by Berry Gordy for Motown Productions and Rob Cohen for Universal Pictures, and released by Universal on July 16, 1976.

<i>The Wanderers</i> (1979 film) 1979 film directed by Philip Kaufman

The Wanderers is a 1979 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Philip Kaufman and starring Ken Wahl, John Friedrich, Karen Allen and Toni Kalem. Set in the Bronx in 1963, the film follows a gang of Italian-American teenagers known as the Wanderers and their ongoing power struggles with rival gangs such as the Baldies and the Wongs.

In 2007 he appeared in Rob Zombie's remake of the 1978 film, Halloween . The horror-comedy film Shaun of the Dead has a subtle reference to him as the film's main character is an employee of "Foree Electronics".

Rob Zombie American singer and film director

Rob Zombie is an American musician and filmmaker. He is a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie, releasing four studio albums with the band. He is the older brother of Spider One, lead vocalist for American rock band Powerman 5000.

<i>Halloween</i> (2007 film) 2007 film by Rob Zombie

Halloween is a 2007 American slasher film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. The film is a remake/reimagining of the 1978 horror film of the same name and the ninth installment in the Halloween franchise. The film stars Tyler Mane as the adult Michael Myers, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Sam Loomis, Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, and Daeg Faerch as the young Michael Myers. Rob Zombie's "reimagining" follows the premise of John Carpenter's original, with Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode and her friends on Halloween night. Zombie's film goes deeper into the character's psyche, trying to answer the question of what drove him to kill people, whereas in Carpenter's original film Michael did not have an explicit reason for killing.

<i>Shaun of the Dead</i> 2004 film by Edgar Wright

Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 horror comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, co-written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. Pegg plays Shaun, a directionless Londoner who is caught in an apocalyptic zombie uprising. The film was a critical and commercial success and was nominated for a BAFTA. It is the first in Wright and Pegg's Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, followed by 2007's Hot Fuzz and 2013's The World's End.

Ken Foree appeared as himself in the 2008 novel Bad Moon Rising by Jonathan Maberry. Foree is one of several real-world horror celebrities who are in the fictional town of Pine Deep when monsters attack. Other celebrities include Tom Savini, Jim O'Rear, Brinke Stevens, James Gunn, Stephen Susco, Debbie Rochon, Joe Bob Briggs and blues man Mem Shannon. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

The Pine Deep Trilogy is a series of supernatural horror novels by Jonathan Maberry. The series is set in Pine Deep, a fictional rural Pennsylvania town that becomes plagued by an evil force thought previously killed thirty years ago. In the books the town is considered to be "the most haunted town in America" and has a booming supernatural tourism industry based around the town's history and Halloween. The trilogy is composed of Ghost Road Blues, Dead Man's Song, and Bad Moon Rising.

Jonathan Maberry writer

Jonathan Maberry is an American suspense author, anthology editor, comic book writer, magazine feature writer, playwright, content creator and writing teacher/lecturer. He was named one of the Today’s Top Ten Horror Writers.

Tom Savini American actor, stuntman, director and makeup artist

Thomas Vincent Savini is an American actor, stunt performer, film director, and prosthetic makeup artist. He is known for his makeup and special effects work on many films directed by George A. Romero, including Martin, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Creepshow and Monkey Shines; he also created the special effects and makeup for many cult classics like Friday the 13th, Maniac, The Burning, The Prowler and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Foree Fest

Ken has his own horror festival titled "Foree Fest". Held in the U.K, the first event took place in 2007, with a second in October 2009 and a third event in 2013. [7]


YearFilmRoleOther notes
1976 The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings Honey, Potter's Goon
1977 Kojak Episode: "The Condemned"
1978 Dawn of the Dead Peter Washington
1979 The Wanderers Black Sportsman
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Python playerUncredited
1981 Knightriders Little John
The Dukes of Hazzard RolloEpisode: "State of the County"
1984 Knight Rider DantonEpisode: "Knight in Disgrace"
1985 Hunter Louis McMahonEpisode: "Guilty:
Knight Rider Spider-ManEpisode: "Redemption of a Champion"
1986 From Beyond Buford 'Bubba' Brownlee
Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling Big Joke
1987 Terror Squad Deputy Brown
1989 True Blood Det. Charlie Gates
Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge Acardi
Death Spa Marvin
Beauty and the Beast MorleyEpisode: "A Kingdom by the Sea"
1990 Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Benny
Taking Care of Business J.B., Prisoner making demands
Fatal Charm WillyVideo
Without You I'm Nothing Emcee (M.C.)
Down the DrainBuckley
Quantum Leap The BrushEpisode: "Pool Hall Blues"
Matlock Billy LeonEpisode: "The Fighter"
1991Night of the WarriorOliver The Flash WhisperEpisode: "Beat the Clock"
Diplomatic Immunity Del Roy Gaines
The Heroes of Desert Storm Sergeant Leroy Ford
1992 General Hospital (TV)KrisUnknown episodes
Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story First USC Coach
1993 Joshua Tree Eddie Turner
1994 Viper Harley Trueblood
1995 Sleepstalker Detective RolandsVideo
Babylon 5 (TV)P.F.C. LargeEpisode Gropos
The X-Files Vincent ParmellyEpisode The List
1996 Due South Macon LacroixEpisode: "The Edge"
The Dentist Detective Gibbs
1996-2000 Kenan and Kel Roger Rockmore60 episodes
2001 The Nightmare Room CoachEpisode: "Locker 13"
2004 Dawn of the Dead The Televangelist
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Pedestrian (voice)Video game
2005 The Devil's Rejects Charlie Altamont
2006 The Devil's Den Leonard
2007Splatter DiscoShank ChubbVideo
Halloween Big Joe Grizzley
Black Santa's RevengeBlack SantaShort film
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Carl
Brotherhood of Blood Stanis
2008Dead BonesThe Bartender
Cut, PrintJack StanleyOrlando Entertainment
30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust Miniseries
2009 Zone of the Dead Mortimer Reyes
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Luke St. Luke (voice)Video
Live Evil Max
2010 D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad [8] Video
2011 Water for Elephants Earl
2012 The Lords of Salem Herman Jackson
2012Cut/PrintDetective Jack Stanley
2015The Divine TragediesHomer
2016The RiftJohn Smith
2017 Dimension 404 Agent XEpisode: "Polybius"
2019 John Henry Post-production

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<i>Dawn of the Dead</i> (2004 film) 2004 film by Zack Snyder

Dawn of the Dead is a 2004 American action horror film directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Richard P. Rubinstein, Marc Abraham and by Eric Newman and the screenplay written by James Gunn while the special effects for the film were done by Heather Langenkamp and David LeRoy Anderson, who co-own AFX Studio. It is the remake of George A. Romero's 1978 film, and stars Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, and Mekhi Phifer. Its plot centers on a handful of human survivors living in a shopping mall located in the fictional town of Everett, Wisconsin, surrounded by swarms of zombies. Ty Burrell, Michael Kelly, Kevin Zegers, and Lindy Booth play supporting roles; the original's cast members Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, and Tom Savini appear in cameos. The film was released by Universal Pictures on March 19, 2004. The film grossed $102 million worldwide against a budget of $26 million.

Kel Mitchell American comedian, actor and musician

Kel Johari Rice Mitchell is an American actor, stand-up comedian, musician, singer, and rapper. He is known for his work as a regular cast member of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That, as the Invisible Boy in the 1999 Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush superhero satire film Mystery Men, his portrayal of Kel Kimble on the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel, his role as Ed in the film and All That sketch Good Burger, as the voice of Dutch in the Disney XD cartoon Motorcity, and as Ray in the 2006 sequel to Like Mike, Like Mike 2: Streetball. He currently stars as Double G on the Nickelodeon series Game Shakers.

Kenan Thompson American actor

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<i>Kenan & Kel</i> American teen sitcom

Kenan & Kel is an American teen sitcom created by Kim Bass for Nickelodeon. It starred All That cast members Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. 62 episodes and a made-for-TV movie were produced over four seasons from 1996 to 2000. The first two seasons were filmed at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida, and the remaining two were filmed at the Nick on Sunset theater in Hollywood.

Joe Bob Briggs American film critic, writer, and actor; alter ego of John Bloom

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Debbie Rochon Canadian actress

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Brinke Stevens American actress

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Vanessa Jennifer Baden-Kelly is an American actress, writer, director, and producer. She began her career as a child actress in the Nickelodeon television series Gullah Gullah Island (1994–1998) and Kenan & Kel (1996–2000).

Stephen Susco American screenwriter

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Jim ORear American actor and director

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Texas Frightmare Weekend is a horror-oriented for-profit media event held annually in the Dallas, Texas area. It is a way for fans of the horror genre to connect with fellow horror lovers, meet guests that work in the genre, discover new films, and buy merchandise. Guests have included actors, directors, and producers from classic and upcoming horror films. These guests are available for attendees to meet, purchase photo ops with, and autographs from, as well as appear at panel discussions related to their work in the genre. Topics of panel discussions range from the horror genre in general, and working in the genre, to question and answers sessions with the cast and creators of specific movies. The convention also hosts a film festival with screenings of your favorite horror movies, and new ones. On Friday night, after hours, there is a themed party that is free for VIP and premium pass holders, while anyone else has to pay for admission. The main convention area consists of the guests, vendors selling horror themes merchandise, fans sporting horror cosplay costumes, as well as other attractions that the convention may have that given year, such as props from movies. Being held at Hyatt Regency DFW airport since 2012. The main convention space takes place in two large ballrooms where the guests, and vendors have tables set up, much like a marketplace. Texas Frightmare Weekend is very active on social media. They post guest announcements on Twitter, and Facebook. They have a Facebook group for fans to connect with each other year round, and a youtube channel where they post interviews, panels, and general videos of the convention. In this video from 2015, you can get a small glimpse into what to expect at the convention.

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Mem Shannon is an American blues musician. He is currently signed to Toronto's NorthernBlues Music. Shannon is a former taxi-cab driver turned bluesman.

Eleanor James is an English actress.

Crypticon is a horror-oriented media event held annually in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington, and Kansas City, Missouri. Guests have included authors, actors, directors, producers, and writers from classic and upcoming horror titles.

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Fright Night Film Fest, also known as Louisville Fright Night Film Fest, is an annual horror film festival in Louisville, Kentucky. The festival was first founded in 2005 by Ken Daniels and is typically held in July at the Galt House, which is famous for housing guests for the Kentucky Derby. The focus of the Fright Night Film Fest focuses on genre films such as horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, and cult from around the world including new films from Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and North America.

<i>As Night Falls</i> 2013 film

As Night Falls is a 2013 horror film directed by Joe Davison. It was created in 2010 but was not released until November 12, 2013, when it was sent straight to DVD. It stars Debbie Rochon as a mother that returns from the dead to "discipline" anyone she thinks is naughty.


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