Kenji Horikawa

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Kenji Horikawa
堀川 憲司
Born (1965-05-05) May 5, 1965 (age 55)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Anime producer
EmployerP.A. Works
Bee Train.
Known for P.A. Works animation studio

Kenji Horikawa (堀川 憲司, Horikawa, Kenji) is the founder and President of P.A. Works Studio [1] and the Operations Director for Bee Train Productions Inc. [2] He was also formerly an employee with Production I.G and Tatsunoko Productions. In 2000 he founded P.A. Works and currently produces the works produced by the studio. Horikawa has also worked as a Production Manager and Production Assistant.



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| birth_place = Nonoichi, Ishikawa, Japan | death_date = | death_place = | othername = | occupation = Animator, animation director, director | yearsactive = 1996–present | notable_works = The Secret World of Arrietty
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