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Country Belgium
Broadcast areaNational, also distributed in:
Picture format 576i SDTV
Owner VRT
Sister channels
Launched1 December 1997 (on Canvas)
1 May 2012 (on VRT3)
Former names
  • BRT TV2 (1977–1991)
  • BRTN TV2 (1991–1997)
  • Ketnet (1997–2023)
Norkring (FTA DVB-T2)Channel 12
Digitenne (Netherlands)Channel 31
Streaming media
Yelo TV Watch live (Belgium only)
TV Overal Watch live (Belgium only)
TV Partout Watch live (Belgium only)
Ziggo GO (Netherlands) (Europe only)
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Ketnet is a Dutch-language public children's television channel in Belgium owned and operated by the VRT, Flemish public broadcaster. It broadcasts a mix of locally produced and imported productions on the VRT3 channel from 6 am until 8 pm.



On 1 December 1997, BRTN 2 was replaced by Canvas and Ketnet. From the start of the channel, the program offering from Flemish soil has been diversified. The best-known and/or longest-running titles are Amika, Dag Sinterklaas , De Boomhut , Karrewiet, Kulderzipken , Mega Mindy , Samson en Gert , Spring , and W817. In addition, various foreign series are also purchased.

Ketnet started as a channel for 4 to 15-year-olds. Programs were broadcast to young teenagers such as Studio.Ket, King of the Hill , NBA Jam , Ultratop, Ready or Not and Married... with Children , among others. In September 1999, the target group was changed to 4 to 12-year-olds, and no new teenage programs were purchased. [1] Ultratop was last broadcast on 31 December 2000 [2] and King of the Hill on 12 January 2001. [3] Nowadays Ketnet broadcasts for 2 to 12-year-olds.

Since Ketnet underwent a major renewal operation in April 2006, many old (regular) programs have disappeared from the programming, including Zorro , Skippy, Tintin, Once Upon a Time..., The Busy World of Richard Scarry , Tik Tak , Bassie and Adriaan, Allemaal beestjes , Alfred J. Kwak, Hey Arnold! , Liegebeest, Postbus X and Pingu . Many of these programs were also broadcast by the predecessor BRTN TV2 before the creation of Ketnet.

On 1 May 2012, Ketnet has been moved on a new channel, timesharing with OP12. OP12 closed on 31 December 2014. [4]

The preschool programmes are broadcast on Ketnet Junior between 10 am to 7 pm on VRT Canvas.

Its French-language counterpart is Auvio Kids TV  [ fr ] on La Trois.


As with VRT's main television station één, Ketnet employs in-vision continuity announcers. In the case of Ketnet, the announcers also present various programmes for the station and are known as Ketnetwrappers.




  • AbraKOdabra
  • Amika
  • Back to School met Zita
  • Bol & Smik, the Flemish version of Big & Small
  • Boris en Binti
  • Campus 12
  • D5R
  • Daar is Dobus
  • Dag Sinterklaas (every year November and early December)
  • De elfenheuvel
  • Galaxy Park
  • Go Go Stop
  • Go IV
  • Ghostrockers
  • Hopla
  • Ketnetpop
  • Kwiskwat, the Flemish version of Kerwhizz
    1. LikeMe
  • Mega Mindy
  • Musti
  • NT van Ketnet - Presented by Peter and Heidi, the show is broadcast in Belgium and the Netherlands. [5]
  • Piet Piraat
  • ROX
  • Samson en Gert
  • Sintressante Dingen (every year November and December)
  • Spring
  • Stafari
  • Tip en Tap
  • Van-a-1, Van-a-2 (formerly aired from BRTN TV2 until 1 December 1997 on Monday)
  • W817




On 17 November 2007, Ketnet launched KetnetRadio, an online radio station consisting of a looped 3-hour programme, broadcast for 24 hours. A new programme is produced and broadcast every day. KetnetRadio is presented by Ketnet presenter and continuity announcer Kristien Maes. Listeners can tune in on Ketnet's website.

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Van-a-1, Van-a-2 was a Belgian children's television programme. The programme premiered on Monday, 5 September 1994, the day where TV2 received a major revamp in its programme line-up and so as their idents. It was shown every Wednesday at 4:00pm. The children's programme was shown the last time on Wednesday, 26 November 1997. The children's programme was discontinued due to the separation of BRTN TV2 into 2 channels on Monday, 1 December 1997 at 7:00 am. The CD was also released in 1994. The series later repeated on its successor, Ketnet.

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Kom Toch Eens Kijken was a Flemish children's TV series, broadcast between 1955 and 1960 on the Flemish public TV channel NIR 1. It was hosted by Bob Davidse and Terry Van Ginderen, who both presented themselves to their young viewers as Nonkel Bob and Tante Terry.


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