Khan Jamal

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Khan Jamal
Born (1946-07-23) July 23, 1946 (age 74)
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Genres Jazz
Instruments vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Years active1960s–present
Labels SteepleChase
Associated acts Byard Lancaster, Sunny Murray

Khan Jamal (born July 23, 1946, Jacksonville, Florida [1] ) is an American jazz vibraphone and marimba player. Ron Wynn describes Jamal as "a proficient soloist when playing free material, jazz-rock and fusion, hard bop, or bluesy fare." [1]


Jamal began playing vibraphone in the mid-1960s. [2] Later in the decade, he joined Cosmic Forces, then co-founded Sounds of Liberation with Byard Lancaster during the early 1970s. [1] During the 1970s, Jamal studied at Combs College of Music and joined Sunny Murray's group Untouchable Factor. [1] In addition to leading his own groups, Jamal has performed with Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society, Joe Bonner, Billy Bang, Charles Tyler and others. [1] [2]


Drumdance to the Motherland1972Dogtown
Give the Vibes Some1974 Palm Records
The River1978 Philly Jazz, with Bill Lewis
Infinity1984Stash 278
Dark Warrior1984 SteepleChase
The Traveller1985SteepleChase
Thinking of You1986 Storyville
Speak Easy1988 Gazell
Don't Take No1989Vintage Jazz
Percussion&Strings1997 CIMP
Cubano Chant2001Jambrio 1002
Balafon Dance2002CIMP
Black Awareness2005CIMP
Return from Exile2005Philly Jazz
Fire and Water2007CIMP with Dylan Taylor, Bass
Impressions of Coltrane2009SteepleChase

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