Khun Hna Sin A Lwan

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Khun Hna Sin A Lwan
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Burmese ခုနှစ်စဉ်အလွမ်း
Directed by Maung Wunna
Based onKhun Hna Sin A Lwan
by Min Lu
Music by Sandayar Hla Htut
Edited byKo Ko (MDY)
Pan Wai Wai Film
Release date
Running time
111 minutes
Country Myanmar
Language Burmese

Khun Hna Sin A Lwan (Burmese : ခုနှစ်စဉ်အလွမ်း) is a 1990 Burmese black & white drama film, directed by Maung Wunna starring Thu Maung and Khin Than Nu. Maung Wunna won the Best Director Award, Thu Maung won the Best Actor Award and Khin Than Nu won the Best Actress Award in 1990 Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards for this film. [1] [2] [3] [4]




1990 Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards Best Director Maung Wunna Won
Best Actor Thu Maung Won
Best Actress Khin Than Nu Won

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