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{{Infobox settlement | name = Kidangannoor | native_name = | native_name_lang = | other_name = | nickname = | settlement_type = village | image_skyline = | image_alt = | image_caption = | pushpin_map = India Kerala#India | pushpin_label_position = right | pushpin_map_alt = | pushpin_map_caption = Location in Kerala, India | coordinates = 9°17′45″N76°41′0″E / 9.29583°N 76.68333°E / 9.29583; 76.68333 Coordinates: 9°17′45″N76°41′0″E / 9.29583°N 76.68333°E / 9.29583; 76.68333 | subdivision_type = Country | subdivision_name = Flag of India.svg  India | subdivision_type1 = State | subdivision_name1 = Kerala | subdivision_type2 = District | subdivision_name2 = Pathanamthitta | established_title = | established_date = | founder = | named_for = | government_type = | governing_body = | unit_pref = Metric | area_footnotes = | area_rank = | area_total_km2 = | elevation_footnotes = | elevation_m = | population_total = 16364 | population_as_of = 2001 | population_rank = | population_density_km2 = auto | population_demonym = | population_footnotes = | demographics_type1 = Languages | demographics1_title1 = Official | demographics1_info1 = Malayalam, English | timezone1 = IST | utc_offset1 = +5:30 | postal_code_type = PIN | postal_code = 689514 | registration_plate = KL- | blank1_name_sec1 = Nearest city | blank1_info_sec1 = Thiruvalla, Kozhencherry, [[Panda lam] | website = | footnotes = }}


Kidangannoor is a town in the extreme west end of Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala, India. [1] It is on the route between Aranmula (famous for its boat races) and Pandalam. It is well connected to various places such as Thiruvalla(20 km),[Chengannur]] (9.5 km), Pandalam (9.5 km), Aranmula (4 km), Kozhencherry (8 km), Pathanamthitta (18 km) by different roads. It is one of the fastest-growing villages in Kerala. It is about 2 km from the border of Pathanamthitta & Alappuzha districts( Elimukku junction). It is about 4.5 km east of Mulakkuzha from MC road.


As of the2001 India census, Kidangannur had a population of 16,364 with 7,665 males and 8,699 females. [1] There have been many NRI (Non-resident Indian and person of Indian origin) resulting in not only improved quality of life and rise of money in many households but has left some elderly people alone and resulted in a decline in workers.

Kidangannur population in 2019/2020 is between 13,836 and 17,117 and total households residing are 3,965. [2]

Famous personalities

Kidangannoor is located at Thiruvabharana Patha of Lord Ayyappan. It is 4 km away from Aranmula. Pallimukathu Devi Temple is at Kidangannoor. It is the birthplace of the father of modern Malayalam, Rev. George Mathan. Mathan wrote the first grammar book in Malayalam called "Malayanmayude Vyakaranam" and other books like "Satyavadakhedam", "Marumakkathaya Sampradayam" and many others. He did most of his writing in his ancestral house in Kidangannoor, although he spent most of his life in Mallapally and Kottayam. He worked tirelessly with Rev.Hermann Gundert and other priests to save Malayalam from the onslaught of Tamil, which was the official language in Kerala at that time.

Matt Matthews, a writer, publisher, poet and editor is also from Kidangannoor. He hails from George Mathen’s family. Matt is an editor of a number of international research journals including Gulf Agriculture magazine, Food Business Gulf & Middle East, Livestock and Poultry Business Middle East, Travel Business Middle East. He is regularly hosted by many trade agencies around the globe especially related to agriculture and food sectors. He was honored by former Indian agriculture minister Mr Shard Pawar in 2005 for his great contributions to the Indian and global agriculture sectors.

Kidangannur Prasad, a poet and cartoonist has worked as a cartoonist in UNMA magazine . Cheriyan.M.Thomas known as Cheriyan Kidangannur (ചെറിയാൻ കിടങ്ങന്നൂർ) who is working as a journalist in Mangalam Daily Newspaper . He is also working as a PRO in Malayalam Film.

Ronnie Matthew Manappallil, an internationally collaborating Rock/Jazz musician, multi-instrumentalist & music producer is a native of Kidangannoor. [3] He is also an avid collector of the rarest Araceae, Marantaceae & Araliaceae.


The village's other attractions are proximity to Aranmula(4 km) and Sabarimala(85 km) (both holy places of pilgrimage and worship for Hindus), the Syrian Christian Orthodox Pilgrimage Center and Church, nearby Mezhuveli, a local market, schools, etc. Syrian St.Mathias CSI Church Kidangannur is situated nearby and is the only church that has relatives of Rev. George Mathan and the puliyelil family as its members. There is a Mar Thoma Church near the junction christened as St. Thom Mar Thoma Church, Kidangannur, which falls under the jurisdiction of Chengannur- Mavelikara Diocese of Mar Thoma Church. A dedication center called Navdarshan is also run by the diocese. St. George Salem Jacobite Syrian Church is also located in Mezhuveli.

The majority of the residents are Christians and Hindus. Therefore, religious festivals of Christians and Hindus are observed every year. Worth mentioning are the festivals in the Syrian Christian Churches (Jacobites and Orthodox) at Mezhuveli with its kathina fireworks and rally which is observed every year with great fanfare. The Hindu temple festivals are also conducted every year with great pomp and fanfare.

The village used to grow many crops, but since the late 1900s there have been mostly rubber farms with only small gardens and areas growing other crops. The village was also affected by 2018 Kerala Floods.

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{{Infobox settlement | name = Nilakkal/Nilackal | other_name = Chayal | settlement_type = village | image_skyline = File:Nilackal Temple entrance 1.jpg | image_caption = Entrance to Nilakkal Sree Mahadeva Temple | pushpin_map = Kerala#India | pushpin_label_position = right | pushpin_map_caption = Location in Kerala, India | coordinates = 9°22′49.43″N76°59′52.6″E | subdivision_type = Country | subdivision_name =  India | subdivision_type1 = State | subdivision_type2 = District | subdivision_type3 = Panchayath | subdivision_name1 = Kerala | subdivision_name2 = Pathanamthitta | subdivision_name3 = | established_title = Established | established_date = | government_type = Panchayath | governing_body = Perunad panchayath | unit_pref = Metric | area_total_km2 = | elevation_footnotes = | elevation_m = 333 | population_total = | population_as_of = | population_footnotes = | population_density_km2 = | demographics_type1 = Languages | demographics1_title1 = Official | timezone1 = IST | utc_offset1 = +5:30 | postal_code_type = PIN | postal_code = 689662 | area_code = 04735 | registration_plate = KL-62 (Ranni)
KL-03 (Pathanamthitta) | blank1_name_sec1 = Coastline | blank1_info_sec1 = 0 kilometres (0 mi) | blank1_name_sec2 = Climate | blank1_info_sec2 = Tropical monsoon (Köppen) | demographics1_info1 = Malayalam, English | blank2_name_sec1 = Nearest city | blank2_info_sec1 = [[Chittar, Kerala|Chittar, Angamoozhy | blank3_name_sec1 = Lok Sabha constituency | blank3_info_sec1 = Pathanamthitta | blank4_name_sec1 = Assembly constituency | blank4_info_sec1 = Ranni | blank2_name_sec2 = Nearest Airport | blank2_info_sec2 = Cochin International Airport Limited | iso_code = IN-KL }}

Most of the schools and colleges in Pathanamthitta district are in Adoor, Thiruvalla, Ranni, and Pathanamthitta.Catholicate College is the first college in Pathanamthitta which was started in 1951 by Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The college contributed much to the social and cultural fabric of Pathanamthitta. The college was an upgradation of Catholicate High School which was founded before that.

The Pathanamthitta district has four types of administrative hierarchies:


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