Kim Anderzon

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Kim Anderzon
Kim Anderzon 2009.jpg
Kim Anderzon in October 2009.
Kerstin Kristina Birgitta Andersson

(1943-03-20)20 March 1943
Östersund, Sweden
Died24 October 2014(2014-10-24) (aged 71)
Lindholmen, Sweden
Years active1969–2014
Partner(s)Lars Naumburg
Children2, including Tintin Anderzon

Kerstin Kristina Birgitta "Kim" Anderzon (20 March 1943 – 24 October 2014) was a Swedish actress active in film and theatre. [1]


Early life and career

At the age of sixteen, Anderzon moved to Stockholm, where she pursued an education as a cartographer, with which she worked for a while before her acting career took over. She started taking acting classes at Inge Wærns teaterstudio. In 1969, she started acting at Pistolteatern. [2] In the same year she made her stage debut in the play Direktör Ubu. She later had roles in the plays Åh, vad revolutionen är härlig!!... (1974), Vi betalar inte! Vi betalar inte! (1977), and En kvinna (1979). [3] [2] She won the award for Best Actress at the 19th Guldbagge Awards for her role in Second Dance . [4] Along with Tomas Bolme, she co-hosted the 27th Guldbagge Awards. [5]

Personal life

Anderzon has two children, actress Anna Catharina Tintin Anderzon, [6] and Andrej Anderzon Möller.

Anderzon died of spinal cancer in her home on 24 October 2014. [7] [8]

Partial filmography

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