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Kistimaat film poster.jpg
Kistimaat film poster
Directed by Ashiqur Rahman
Produced by
  • Mohammad Riyad Hossain
  • Kamal Hasan
Screenplay byKashem Ali Dulal
Story byKashem Ali Dulal
Music by
  • Shouquat Ali Imon
  • Imran
  • Naved
  • Shochi Shams
CinematographyAshiqur Rahman
Distributed by
Release date
  • 6 October 2014 (2014-10-06)

Kistimaat (Bengali : কিস্তিমাত, lit.  'Checkmate') is a 2014 Bangladeshi action film directed by Ashiqur Rahman and produced by Tiger Media Limited and The Abhi Pictures. The film features Arifin Shuvoo and Achol Akhe in lead roles while Misha Sawdagor plays the main antagonist in the film. [1] The film is about a police officer and his fight against corruption. [2] The film was released on Eid-ul-Adha, 6 October 2014, and was a commercial success. [3] The movie was inspired by the 2010 Hindi film Dabangg .



The story is about Durjoy (Arifin Shuvoo), a ruthless and arrogant police officer who does what he believes is right. He is attracted toward Piya (Achol) thinks Durjoy is a gangster but still has a soft spot for him in her heart. One day, Lion Robi (Misha Sawdagor), a big organized crime syndicate tries to strike a deal with Durjoy but fails as Durjoy insults him. Raged in Anger, Lion Robi promises to make Durjoy's life difficult and destroy the structure of Police force.

Both Durjoy and Piya, both are unable to express their love to each other until one day, when Lion Robi's brother Tiger Robi enters the love story and tries to marry Piya forcefully. Knowing that, Durjoy raged in anger, mercilessly Kills Tiger Robi. After finding out about death of his brother, Lion Robi vows to kill Durjoy and begins by killing Durjoy's allies in the police department. Before death, the police commissioner reveals to Durjoy that his father was once a police commissioner until murdered by Lion Robi for not assisting in his illegal businesses. In the end of the film, Durjoy kills Lion Robi, destroys all his illegal organizations. The film ends showing both Durjoy and Piya happily living their remaining life.



The film includes a total of five songs written by Zahid Hasan Abhi and features Imran, Porshi, Puja, Kona and others as playback singers. The songs are composed by Shouquat Ali Imon, Imran, Naved and Shochi Sams. [4] [5] [6]

Kistimaat (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by
Porshi, Shahin, Imran, Puja, Tasif, Kona, Shochi Shams, Tonima, Zaki Ahmad & Tahsin
Released06 October 2014
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Tiger Media / HTM Records (Digital Partner)
Track listing
1."Shudhu Ekbar Bolo"Naved Porshi, Shahin & Tahsin5:13
2."Shopnei Veshe Gele"ImranImran & Puja5:52
3."Moneri Bhaje Bhaje"Shoquat Ali Imon Kona & Tasif4:29
4."Mehbooba"NavedTonima & Zaki Ahmad4:28
5."Kistimaat"Shochi ShamsShochi Shams3:32
6."Like a Dream"ImranImran & Tahsin4:26
7."Shudhu Ekbar Bolo (Soul Version)"NavedTahsin3:24
8."Mehbooba (NavStep Mix)"NavedTonima & Zaki Ahmad4:32
9."Kistimaat Mashup"NavedVarious Artists3:34
10."Shopnei Veshe Gele (Zakaria Tahsin Official Remix)"Naved & Zakaria Tahsin (Remix Producer)Imran & Puja6:52
11."Mehbooba (House Remix)"Naved & A.F.R - RV (Remix Producer)Tonima & Zaki Ahmad5:00

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