Kitashinchi Station

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Kitashinchi Station

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JR Kitashinchi Station
LocationUmeda Itchome, Kita, Osaka, Osaka
Coordinates 34°41′53.96″N135°29′49.33″E / 34.6983222°N 135.4970361°E / 34.6983222; 135.4970361 Coordinates: 34°41′53.96″N135°29′49.33″E / 34.6983222°N 135.4970361°E / 34.6983222; 135.4970361
Operated by West Japan Railway Company
Platforms1 island platform
Other information
Station codeJR-H44

Kitashinchi Station (北新地駅, Kitashinchi-eki) is a railway station on the West Japan Railway (JR West) JR Tōzai Line in Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. The station is located in the Kitashinchi dining and entertainment district of Osaka, and at 23.95 metres (78.6 ft) below sea level, it is the deepest station in the JR West system.


Although officially separated from Osaka Station, the main terminal, passengers can transfer for free from the JR Kobe Line or the Osaka Loop Line at Osaka to the Tōzai Line at Kitashinchi, and vice versa, with some tickets and passes.



Kitashinchi Station is connected to the following stations:

Connections are also available to the following stations Hankyu Railway Umeda Station (approx. 15 minutes), Umeda Station on the subway Midosuji Line (approx. 10 minutes) and Higashi-Umeda Station on the subway Tanimachi Line (approx. 12 minutes).


This station has an island platform serving two tracks underground. The station administrates all intermediate stations on the JR Tozai Line.

1  JR Tōzai Line for Amagasaki, Takarazuka and Sannomiya
2  JR Tōzai Line for Kyōbashi, Shijōnawate and Matsuiyamate


Adjacent stations

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