Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður

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Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður
Knattspyrnufelagid Hordur Logo.png
Full nameKnattspyrnufélagið Hörður
NicknameHarðverjar, Hörður Ísafjörður
Short nameHörður
Founded27 May 1919;102 years ago (1919-05-27)
Based in Ísafjörður
ColoursRed, White, blue, gold

Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður, commonly known as Hörður or Hörður Ísafjörður, is an Icelandic multi-sport club from the town of Ísafjörður. It was founded in 1919 as a football club [1] but since 1933 it has fielded other departments, most prominently in handball, track & field, skiing and Icelandic wrestling. [2] [3] [4]



Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður was founded on 27 May 1919 as a football club with Þórhallur Leósson being its first chairman. [5] Its first official game was against Fótboltafélag Ísafjarðar on 17 June 1921. In 1933 it started a department in women's Handball and in 1937 a track & field department. [6] At its peak in the 1940s it was the largest sports club in the Westfjords. [7] [8]


Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður
Full nameKnattspyrnufélagið Hörður
Ground Olísvöllurinn, Ísafjörður
ChairmanSigþór Snorrason
ManagerAxel Sveinsson
League 4. deild karla
2020 4. deild karla Group D, 7th of 8

Recent history

After not fielding a senior team since 1940, Hörður sent a men's team to the 4. deild karla in 2014 where it finished 4th in A-group. [3] [9] On 1 June 2017, it defeated Snæfell/UDN 14–1 on Olísvöllurinn in Ísafjörður. [10] On 3 June 2018, the team mounted an improbable comeback victory against Hvíti Riddarinn by scoring three goals in the last two minutes of the match, winning 6–5. [11]


Results of league and cup competitions by season
SeasonDivisionPWDLFAPtsPos Icelandic Cup NameGoals
LeagueTop goalscorer [12]
2014 4. deild Group A 125162526164thn/aHinrik Elís Jónsson7
2015 4. deild Group C 126242525203rd R1 Hinrik Elís Jónsson10
2016 4. deild Group A 125071926154th R1 Ásgeir Hinrik Gíslason4
2017 4. deild Group A 147346438245thn/aMagnús Ingi Einarsson8
2018 4. deild Group B 143011245997th R1 Hjalti Hermann Gíslason6
2019 4. deild Group C 145272529175th R1 Hjalti Hermann Gíslason8
2020 4. deild Group D 1431103343107th R1 Sigurður Arnar Hannesson19
2021 4. deild Group C 64111814133rd R1 Sigurður Arnar Hannesson4


Competitive matches only since 2014. Correct as of 19 June 2021.

NameYearsLeagueCupLeague CupTotal
1 Flag of Iceland.svg Dagur Elí Ragnarsson 2015–6941588
2 Flag of Iceland.svg Einar Óli Guðmundsson 2016–6741182
3 Flag of Iceland.svg Sigþór Snorrason 2015–5741677
4 Flag of Iceland.svg Axel Sveinsson 2014–2020634875
5 Flag of Iceland.svg Felix Rein Grétarsson 2015–553866


Competitive matches only since 2014. Correct as of 5 June 2021.

NameYearsLeagueCupLeague CupTotal
1 Flag of Iceland.svg Sigurður Arnar Hannesson 2017–2019 & 2020–300030
2 Flag of Iceland.svg Hinrik Elís Jónsson 2014–2018280028
3 Flag of Iceland.svg Ásgeir Hinrik Gíslason 2014–2018170219
4 Flag of Iceland.svg Felix Rein Grétarsson 2015–150217
5 Flag of Iceland.svg Hjalti Hermann Gíslason 2015 & 2018–2020141116

Former notable players

Players who have played for Knattspyrnufélagið Hörður and earned caps in Úrvalsdeild karla. Correct as of 30 March 2021.

Nat.PlayerDate of birthCurrent clubPositionÚrvalsdeild karla team/sÚrvalsdeild karla career
Flag of Iceland.svg Hrafn Davíðsson 30 October 1984 (age 36)retiredGoalkeeper Fjölnir & ÍBV 2005–2006 & 2008–2009
Flag of Iceland.svg Magnús Ingi Einarsson 12 June 1994 (age 27) Árborg Forward Selfoss 2012
Flag of Iceland.svg Ólafur Jón Jónsson 18 June 1987 (age 34)retiredForward Keflavík 2004–2006
Flag of Iceland.svg Pétur Georg Markan 4 February 1981 (age 40)retiredForward Fjölnir, Valur & Víkingur R. 2008–2009 & 2011
Flag of Iceland.svg Þorsteinn Ingason 12 April 1988 (age 33)retiredForward Þór 2011

Retired numbers

21 Flag of Iceland.svg Dagur Elí Ragnarsson, Midfielder (2015–) – Number will be retired when Ragnarsson hangs his boots after years of loyalty and selfless work on and off the pitch.


YearsKit manufacturer
2014–2019 Henson
2019– Macron


Arena Ísjakinn
PresidentSalmar Már Salmarsson
Head coachCarlos Martin Santos
League 1. deild karla
Official site

Hörður has periodically fielded a men's handball team during its history. [13] In February 2020, Þór Akureyri demanded that Hörður would pay 400.000 ISK in travel expense of Þór's trip to Ísafjörður for their September game in the Icelandic Cup. In the Cup, teams split all the income and cost of games, including travel expense of the away team, and Þór stated that their total travel expense was 800.000 ISK. The board of Hörður strongly objected as its own travel expense to Akureyri in January where they faced Þór's reserve team had not exceeded 120.000 ISK. [14] [15] Two days later, the clubs reached an undisclosed settlement and the Icelandic Handball Association announced it would review its rules regarding the settlement of cup games. [16]

Although it finished last in the third-tier 2. deild karla in 2019–20, [17] Hörður was offered a seat in the second tier 1. deild karla for the 2020–21 season. [18]

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Viðar Örn Hafsteinsson is an Icelandic basketball coach and former player. He has been the head coach Höttur since 2011.


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