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Location of Kocaeli Province in Turkey
Coordinates: 40°51′07″N29°52′41″E / 40.852°N 29.878°E / 40.852; 29.878 Coordinates: 40°51′07″N29°52′41″E / 40.852°N 29.878°E / 40.852; 29.878
Country Turkey
Region East Marmara
Subregion Kocaeli
Provincial seat İzmit
   Electoral district Kocaeli
  GovernorSeddar Yavuz
  Total3,626 km2 (1,400 sq mi)
 (2019) [1]
  Density540.7/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Area code(s) 00262
Vehicle registration 41
Izmit is the capital of the province of Kocaeli IZMIT CLOCK TOWER 3 20200916.jpg
İzmit is the capital of the province of Kocaeli

Kocaeli Province (Turkish : Kocaeli ili, pronounced  [koˈdʒaeli] ) is a province of Turkey and one of only two to not have the same official name as its capital, İzmit, which is thus also sometimes called Kocaeli. The province is the successor of the Ottoman-era Sanjak of Kocaeli. The largest towns in the province are İzmit and Gebze. The traffic code is 41. The province is located at the easternmost end of the Marmara Sea around the Gulf of İzmit. Kocaeli is bordered by the province of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, the province of Sakarya to the east, the province of Bursa to the south and the province of Yalova to the southwest. The metropolitan area of Istanbul extends to the Kocaeli-Istanbul provincial border. The size and natural conditions of the Bay of İzmit allow for extensive port facilities, including the Gölcük Naval Base. The province is called the industrial capital of Turkey. Kocaeli has an airport named Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station which is used for military and civilian transport. Kocaeli has two universities: Kocaeli University and Gebze Technical University.



Data taken from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality [2] and Central Dissemination System. [3] The information is for (xxxx-12-31).

İzmit 313,964315,734322,588327,435332,754338,710347,074
Gebze 297,029305,557314,122319,307329,195338,412350,115
Derince 123,136124,452126,675128,810130,657133,739136,742
Darıca 140,302146,896152,542157,304164,385173,139182,710
Körfez 130,730132,779135,692139,220142,884146,210151,149
Gölcük 136,035137,637141,926143,867145,805149,238152,607
Çayırova 82,49488,52393,64098,367103,536109,698117,230
Karamürsel 50,88651,98752,50152,62153,03354,22555,169
Dilovası 44,25844,95845,06044,98145,61045,71446,099
Kandıra 46,98449,76949,55450,04250,04649,20348,937
Başiskele 66,18368,03770,83573,32776,60579,62584,235
Kartepe 90,40793,80996,58599,410101,692104,882107,988


Districts of Kocaeli Kocaeli location districts.svg
Districts of Kocaeli

Kocaeli province is divided into 12 districts with the capital district of İzmit (in bold):

Twin cities

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Gebze is a district in Kocaeli Province, Turkey. It is situated 65 km (30 mi) southeast of Istanbul, on the Gulf of Izmit, the eastern arm of the Sea of Marmara. Gebze is the second largest district in Kocaeli after İzmit, the provincial centrum in terms of population. Gebze has experienced rapid growth in recent years, from 159,116 residents in 1990 to 299,047 in 2011.

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Gölcük is a town and district of Kocaeli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The town is located at the northern gulf of Armutlu Peninsula on the coast of Marmara Sea and south of the province.

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Kandıra is a town and district of Kocaeli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. Its neighbours are Kaynarca to the east, Adapazarı to the southeast, İzmit to the south and Şile to the west.

Körfez, Kocaeli Place in Kocaeli, Turkey

Körfez is a town and district of the Kocaeli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. Yarımca merged with Tütünçiftlik to become Körfez. It was created from eastern part of Gebze and western part of İzmit districts in 1987. It has borders with Şile to north, Derince from east, Dilovası from southwest and Gebze from west. Its center was called Yarımca before a district center. Hereke and Kirazlıyalı were towns with municipality until abolition of their municipalities in 2009 and were converted in quarters. The mayor is İsmail Baran (AKP) and the district governor is Hasan Hüseyin Can.

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Gulf of İzmit, also referred to as Izmit Bay, is a bay at the easternmost edge of the Sea of Marmara, in Kocaeli Province, Turkey. Its ancient names were Gulf of Astacus, Sinus Astacenus, Olbianus Sinus and Gulf of Nicomedia.

Otoyol 4 Highway in Turkey

Otoyol 4, named Anatolian Motorway and abbreviated as O-4, is a toll motorway connecting the northwestern Marmara Region to the Central Anatolia Region in Turkey. It runs parallel to the D.100 for more than half of its length and then parallels the D750 for most of the eastern half. The O-4 is a major expressway in Turkey as it connects eastern Istanbul and the heavily urbanized northeastern shore of the Sea of Marmara to the nation's capital, Ankara. The O-4 also makes up part of the International E-road network E80 and E89 as well as the AH-1 of the Asian Highway Network.

Gölcük Naval Base

Gölcük Naval Base is the main base of the Turkish Navy on the east coast of the Sea of Marmara in Gölcük, Kocaeli. It is the principal base for logistic support with various facilities stretched over 1,800 acres (7.3 km2) of land.

There are 81 provinces in Turkey. Among the 81 provinces, thirty are designated metropolitan municipalities. Metropolitan municipalities are subdivided into districts, where each district includes a corresponding district municipality, which is a second tier municipality.

Kocaeli Peninsula Turkish peninsula

The Kocaeli Peninsula lies in the northwest corner of Anatolia, Turkey, separating the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara on the Asian side of the strait of Bosphorus. Approximately one-third of Istanbul, one of the most populous cities of the world, occupies its western part, and İzmit, another big city, is at the easternmost point of the peninsula.

Haydarpaşa suburban

The Haydarpaşa suburban, also known as the Haydarpaşa-Gebze line and numbered as B2, was a commuter rail line operated by the Turkish State Railways, between Haydarpaşa Terminal in Kadıköy to Gebze. Since its opening in 1951, it was the busiest commuter rail line and busiest TCDD service in Turkey, until it was discontinued in 2013.

Armutlu Peninsula

The Armutlu Peninsula is a peninsula extending westward into Marmara Sea in the Anatolian section of Turkey. In addition to Yalova Province, parts of Kocaeli Province and Bursa Province are on the peninsula.

Pendik Naval Shipyard is a naval shipyard of the Turkish Navy on the northeastern coast of the Sea of Marmara in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey. It is the largest shipbuilding facility in Turkey.

İzmit District in Marmara, Turkey

İzmit is a district and the capital of Kocaeli province, Turkey. It is located at the Gulf of İzmit in the Sea of Marmara, about 100 km (62 mi) east of Istanbul, on the northwestern part of Anatolia. The city center has a population of 300,611. The population of the province is 1,459,772. Unlike other provinces in Turkey, apart from Istanbul, the whole province is included within the municipality of the metropolitan center.


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