Konstantin Kotsev

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Konstantin Kotsev
Константин Коцев
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Born(1926-06-04)June 4, 1926
DiedAugust 4, 2007(2007-08-04) (aged 81)
OccupationFilm and Theatre Actor
Years active1958–2003

Konstantin Kotsev (Bulgarian : Константин Коцев; June 4, 1926 August 4, 2007) was a Bulgarian stage and film actor.


Kotsev was amid the most popular Bulgarian actors from the last decades of 20th century. [1] He is best known for his roles in classic Bulgarian films such as The Tied Up Balloon (1967), The Swedish Kings (1968), The white room (1968), Naked Conscience (1971), Toplo / Warmth (1978), Time of Violence (1988), as well as his numerous notable performances on the stage.

Konstantin Kotsev was decorated with the high titles “Honoured Artist” and “People's Artist”. [2]

Biography and career

Born Konstantin Vasilev Kotsev on June 4, 1926, in the city of Istanbul, he entered the law faculty at the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia where he graduated in 1950. [1] Subsequently, he enrolled acting at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts graduating in 1958. [1]

After the graduation, Kotsev was appointed in the Burgas Theatre for a year. In 1959, he joined the troupe of the newly founded Satirical Theatre „Aleko Konstantinov“ in Sofia where he remained until 1984. During the end of the 1980s, Kotsev was part of the Municipal Theatre of Sofia.

His film debut in a main role was in 1958 in the Bulgarian film classic On a Small Island directed by Rangel Valchanov.

Kotsev has a son Dimitar (born 1971) and a daughter Zornitsa (born 1972).

Partial filmography

1958 Na malkiya ostrov / On a Small Island Zheko Bulgarian : На малкия остров
1960 Parvi urok / First Lesson the assistant Bulgarian : Първи урок
1963 Inspektorat i noshtta / The Inspector and the Night d-r Kolev Bulgarian : Инспекторът и нощта
1967 Privarzaniyat balon / The Tied Up Balloon peasant Bulgarian : Привързаният балон
1968 Shvedskite krale / The Swedish Kings Bozhko Bulgarian : Шведските крале
Sluchayat Penleve / The Penleve Case Ivan Gandzhulov Bulgarian : Случаят Пенлеве
Byalata staya / The white room Patriarch Ioakim Bulgarian : Бялата стая
Chovekat ot La Mancha / Man of La Mancha Bulgarian : Човекът от Ла Манча
TV musical
1969 Ptitzi i hratki / Birds and Greyhounds public prosecutor Bulgarian : Птици и хрътки
1970 Ezop / Aesop the diviner Bulgarian : Езоп
1971 Nyama nishto po-hubavo ot loshoto vreme / There Is Nothing Finer Than Bad Weather Van Alten Bulgarian : Няма нищо по-хубаво от лошото време
1971 Gola savest / Naked Conscience Grozdan Panayotov Bulgarian : Гола съвест
1974 Vetchni vremena / Eternal Times Bosyo Bulgarian : Вечни времена
1978 Toplo / Warmth the pensioner Snegov Bulgarian : Топло
1980 Noshtnite bdeniya na pop Vecherko / Priest Vecherko's Nights Wakefulness Priest Vecherko Bulgarian : Нощните бдения на поп Вечерко
1983 Ravnovesie / Balance the film director Bulgarian : Равновесие
1984 Gore na chereshata / On the Top of the Cherry Tree Peshev Bulgarian : Горе на черешата
1988 Vreme Razdelno / Time of Violence old man Galushko (Karaibrahim's father) Bulgarian : Време разделно

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