Kostas Papachristos

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Kostas Papachristos
Κώστας Παπαχρήστος
Died29 September 1995(1995-09-29) (aged 78–79)

Kostas Papachristos (Greek : Κώστας Παπαχρήστος; 1916 – 29 September 1995) [1] was a Greek actor who was known for his comedic acting roles.



He was born in Volos in 1916 and died in Athens in 1995. He was the husband of Dimitra Seremeti (b. 1933) and brother of the actor Nikos Papachristos. He played mostly military, police and other roles. His marriage was childless.


YearFilmTransliteration and translationRole
1960 Ochyro 27 Οχυρό 27-
1957 The Aunt from Chicago Η θεία απ' το Σικαγο
I theia ap΄ to Sikago
1959 Enas vlakas ke missos Ένας βλάκας και μισός (An Idiot and a Half)Anastassis
1960 Ilias of the 16th Ο Ηλίας του 16ου
O Ilias tou 16ou
1960 Christina Χριστίνα-
1960 Makrykostaioi kai Kontogiorgides Μακρυκωσταίοι και Κοντογιώργηδεςofficer (Pandelis)
1961 Aliki in the Navy Η Αλίκη στο ναυτικόcommander
1963 Fortunately without Work Ευτυχώς χωρίς δουλειά
Eftychos horis doulia
1963 Afto to kati allo Αυτό το κάτι άλλο (That Special Something)officer
1965 Teddy boy, My Love Τέντυ μπόι αγάπη μου (-agapi mou)-
1964 I Soferina Η σωφερίναofficer
1967 Welcome the Dollar Καλώς ήλθε το δολάριο
Kalos ilthe to dollario
1970 Ti kanei o anthropos gia na zisi Τι κάνει ο άνθρωπος για να ζήσηrich man
1971 Ypovrychio Pananikolis Υποβρύχιο Παπανικολής-
1984 Ela na gymnothoume, darling Έλα να γυμνωθούμε, ντάρλινγκPanagiorgis
1988 Palikari sta thrania Παλικάρι στα θρανία-

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