Kostas Tsakonas

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Kostas Tsakonas
Κώστας Τσάκωνας
Born11 October 1943
Athens, Greece
Died4 November 2015 (aged 72)
Corinth, Greece

Kostas Tsakonas (Greek : Κώστας Τσάκωνας, 11 October 1943 – 4 November 2015) was a Greek actor. [1]


His first appearance was in film and he became famous after appearing in a short length movie Kostas Zirinis. Later, he played many protagonistic roles in film, theater and in television. He appeared in several films including Mathe pedi mou gramata , Mathe pedi mou basket , Yia mia houfta touvla , Klassiki periptosi vlavis and O fakiris".

Tsakonas died of cancer on 4 November 2015 at the age of 72.


YearFilm title
(English translation)
Original title
and transliteration
1981 Learn How to Read and Write, Son Μάθε παιδί μου γράμματα
Mathe pedi mou gramata
1984 What Ι will see Τι έχουν να δουν τα μάτια μου
1985 The loan shark Ο τοκογλύφος
1985 Professional Fan Επαγγελματίας Οπαδός
1985 Knight of craving 'Ιππότης της λιγούρας
1986 Learn How to Dribble, Son Μάθε παιδί μου μπάσκετ
Mathe paidi mou basket
1986 The mafia priest Ο παπαμαφίας
1986 Cuckold and beaten Κερατάς και δαρμένος
1987 Profession: Woman Επάγγελμα γυναίκα
1987 A Fistful of Bricks Για μια χούφτα τούβλα
1987 Classic situation of malfunction Κλασική περίπτωση βλάβης
1987 I am a Pontic and do whatever I want Πόντιος είμαι ότι θέλω κάνω
1988 The hunter of lost bald Ο κυνηγός της χαμένης φαλάκρας
1988 The big clog Η μεγάλη απόφραξη
1989 The fakir Ο φακίρης

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