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Coordinates: 50°29′24″N30°20′05″E / 50.49000°N 30.33472°E / 50.49000; 30.33472 Coordinates: 50°29′24″N30°20′05″E / 50.49000°N 30.33472°E / 50.49000; 30.33472
Country Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Oblast Flag of Kiev Oblast.svg  Kyiv Oblast
Raion Irpin
Postal code
Area code(s) +380 4497

Kotsiubynske (Ukrainian : Коцюбинське) is a town in the Kyiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine, subordinated to city of Irpin. The town is an enclave and located outside the borders of Kyiv Oblast, instead fully surrounded by the nation's capital Kyiv (Svyatoshyne Raion). Population: 16,862(2020 est.) [1] .

The settlement appeared in 1900 as a khutir Berkovets during the construction of the railroad Kyiv - Kovel (1897-1903). The khutir consisted of a single homestead which served as a residence for local forest rangers in the Bilychi Woods. The settlement belonged to the Kyiv-Podil Administration of State Property. In 1903 near the khutir was constructed a passing loop which later transformed into a train station Bilychi. The station was named after a village that was located in close vicinity (today, part of Kyiv city).

On February 11, 1941 the khutir Berkovets was given a status of an urban settlement Kotsiubynske.

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Kyiv Oblast is subdivided into districts (raions) which are subdivided into amalgamated territorial communities (hromadas).

Mykhailo-Kotsiubynske Urban locality in Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine

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