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Genre Thriller (for children)
Created by Leif Krantz
Olle Mattsson
Starring Staffan Hallerstam
Stefan Feierbach
Maria Lindberg
Helena Reuterblad
Arne Källerud
Åke Grönberg
Opening theme"Balladen om kråkguldet"
by Thorstein Bergman
Country of origin Sweden
Original languageSwedish
No. of episodes6
Executive producer Olle Nordemar
Production locations Grythyttan, Västmanland
Running time27 minutes (per episode)
Production companiesNord Art AB
Sveriges Radio
Original network Sveriges Radio
Original release1969 (1969)

Kråkguldet (Crows Gold) is a Swedish television drama serial from 1969, directed by Leif Krantz and Olle Mattsson.


Plot synopsis

The story takes place during the weeks before Christmas, in the small mining town of fictitious Granhyttan in Bergslagen, Sweden. One day a suspicious couple, Signe and Orvar, arrives in the small town and retires in an abandoned hut. Nobody knows what they up to; but strange things starts to happen as Staffan finds a gold nugget while playing in a disused mine at the Kråkberget Mountain during a skiing trip with his schoolmates. Staffan believes the nugget is a part of Skarp-Erik's gold, as his grandpa had told exciting stories about. The news about the gold discovery spread quickly and Staffan and his friends are soon pursued by curious schoolmates, school staff and also the mysterious strangers. All this happens as the students are rehearsing for the nativity play before Christmas break.

About the serial

Each part of the series begin with a brief synopsis by Tore Lindwall, who also played Staffan's grandfather. The main recording site was Grythyttan in Västmanland. The series premiered in 1969, and has been shown in the replay several times, including February–March 1976, June–July 1986 and December 1993-January 1994.

Sound track

British showing

The series was imported by the BBC and translated into English as Gold on Crow Mountain. It was shown twice, from 3 November to 8 December 1971 and again from 31 March to 5 May 1973.



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