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The 19th-century graves Kuntsevocem-graves.jpg
The 19th-century graves

The Kuntsevo Cemetery (Russian : Ку́нцевское кла́дбище, kúntsevkoye kládbishche) is a cemetery servicing Kuntsevo, Moscow. It is located on the bank of the Setun River, to the south of the Mozhaisk Highway (the continuation of the Kutuzovsky Prospekt). [1] The local five-domed church was commissioned in 1673 by Artamon Matveyev. The cemetery is administered as part of the Novodevichy Cemetery complex.


Tomb of Kirill A. Yevstigneyev Mogila dvazhdy Geroia Sovetskogo Soiuza Kirilla Evstigneeva.JPG
Tomb of Kirill A. Yevstigneyev

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