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European Swimming League
Ligue Européenne de Natation
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Sport Aquatic sports
Membership77 Federations
Founded1927 (1927)
Regional affiliation Europe
Headquarters Nyon
Location Switzerland
President Paolo Barelli
Flag of Europe.svg

LEN (French : Ligue Européenne de Natation, English : European Swimming League, German : Europäische Schwimmliga, Spanish : Liga Europea de Natación) is the European governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to FINA — it is the Continental Association for Europe. It was formally organized in 1927 in Bologna, [1] and since 2015 is headquartered in Nyon.


LEN comprises 52 national swimming federations in Europe, and includes Israel which for Olympic-sport purposes is grouped with Europe. [2] LEN is overseen by an elected Bureau (board) composed of Members representing 17 different Federations. LEN oversees aquatic sports in Europe: diving, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.



LEN organizes one championship (European Aquatics Championships), involving three of the five LEN disciplines (swimming, diving and synchronized swimming).

Discipline championships

LEN organizes four more discipline championships (swimming (25m), diving, water polo and open water).

Junior championships

LEN also runs various competitions restricted to a younger age:

Masters championships

Member federations

The following national federations are part of LEN:

Flag of Albania.svg  Albania Albanian Swimming Federation (FSHN)1931ALB
Flag of Andorra.svg  Andorra Andorran Swimming Federation (FAN)1986AND
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia Water Kind of Sports & Swimming Association of Armenia 1993ARM
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV)1899AUT
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Swimming Federation 1992AZE
Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus Swimming Federation of Belarus (BFP)1959BLR
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Royal Belgian Swimming Federation (KBZB/FRBN)1902BEL
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina Swimming Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1946/1992BIH
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Bulgarian Swimming Federation (BFPS)1931BUL
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Croatian Swimming Federation (HPS)1909CRO
Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus Cyprus Swimming Federation (KOEK)1972CYP
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic Czech Swimming Federation (ČSPS)1919/1993CZE
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark [3] Danish Swimming Union (SVØM)1907DEN
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia Estonian Swimming Federation (EUL)1910EST
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Swimming Association (SSF)1980FAR
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Finnish Swimming Federation (SUiL)1906FIN
Flag of France.svg  France French Swimming Federation (FFN)1920FRA
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia Georgian Aquatic Sports National Federation 1991GEO
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany German Swimming Federation (DSV)1886GER
Flag of Gibraltar.svg  Gibraltar Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association 1946GIB
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain British Swimming (BS)1869GBR
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Hellenic Swimming Federation (KOE)1927GRE
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Hungarian Swimming Association (MÚSZ)1907HUN
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Icelandic Swimming Association (SSÍ)1951ISL
Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland Swim Ireland 1893IRL
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Israel Swimming Association (ISA)1951ISR
Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Italian Swimming Federation (FIN)1899ITA
Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo [4] [5] Kosovo Swimming Federation (FNK)1997KOS
Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia Latvian Swimming Federation (LPF)1905/1988LAT
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg  Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Swimming Association (LSchV)1981LIE
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Lithuanian Swimming Federation (LPF)1924/1990LTU
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Luxembourg Swimming and Life-saving Federation (FLNS)1924LUX
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA)1925MLT
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova Water Kind of Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova (FISN)1989MDA
Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco Swimming Federation of Monaco (FMN)1976MON
Flag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro Water Polo and Swimming Federation of Montenegro (VPS)1949/2006MNE
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB)1888NED
Flag of North Macedonia.svg  North Macedonia Swimming Federation of Macedonia (PFM)1947MKD
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Norwegian Swimming Federation (NSF)1910NOR
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Polish Swimming Federation (PZP)1922POL
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN)1930POR
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Romanian Swimming Federation (FRNPM)1930ROU
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Russian Swimming Federation (VFP)1991RUS
Flag of San Marino.svg  San Marino Swimming Federation of San Marino (FSN)1980SMR
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Serbian Swimming Federation (PSS)1921SRB
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia Slovak Swimming Federation (SPF)1990SVK
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Slovenian Swimming Association (PZS)1922SLO
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN)1920ESP
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Swedish Swimming Federation (SSF)1904SWE
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Swiss Swimming Federation (SSCHV/FSN)1918SUI
Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey Turkish Swimming Federation (TYF)1957TUR
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Ukrainian Swimming Federation (USF)1990UKR

LEN European Water Polo Players of the Year

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FINA International governing body for aquatic sports

FINA is the international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for administering international competitions in water sports. It is one of several international federations which administer a given sport or discipline for the IOC and international community. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The European Aquatics Championships is the continental Aquatics championship for Europe, which is organised by LEN—the governing body for aquatics in Europe. The Championships are currently held every two years ; and since 1999, they have included 4 aquatics disciplines: Swimming, Diving, Synchronised swimming and Open water swimming. Prior to 1999, the championships also included Water polo, which beginning in 1999 LEN split-off into a separate championships. The open water events are not held during the Olympic year.

FINA World Aquatics Championships

The FINA World Championships or World Aquatics Championships are the World Championships for aquatics sports: swimming, diving, high diving, open water swimming, artistic swimming, and water polo. They are run by FINA, and all swimming events are contested in a long course (50-metre) pool.

The 10th FINA World Aquatics Championships were held July 12–27, 2003 in Barcelona, Spain. The championships featured competition in all 5 of FINA's disciplines: Swimming, Diving, Synchronised swimming, Water Polo, and Open Water Swimming.

The Swedish Swimming Federation is the national federation for Aquatics in body of Swimming in Sweden, as well as the other Aquatics sports: diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming. It was founded on 23 March 1904 and is a member of LEN and FINA.

FINA World Masters Championships

The FINA World Masters Championships is an international Aquatics championships for adults. The championships is held biennially, with competition in all five of FINA's disciplines: Swimming, Diving, Water polo, Open water swimming, and Synchronized swimming. Starting in 2015, the competition will be held jointly with the FINA World Aquatics Championships.

The Japan Swimming Federation, is the national federation for Aquatics in Japan. It oversees Japan's Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming competitive programs. It was founded on October 31, 1924. It is affiliated to FINA, the Asia Swimming Federation, the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japan Amateur Sports Association.

The Asia Swimming Federation (AASF) overseas international aquatics competition in Asia, and is affiliated to the Olympic Council of Asia and to FINA.

Confederación Sudamericana de Natación

Confederación Sudamericana de Natación (CONSANAT) is the South American Swimming Confederation, which oversees international aquatics competitions among South American countries. It is affiliated to FINA, the international federation for swimming, via ASUA, the swimming continental association for the Americas.

The French Swimming Federation is a French law association of 1901, founded in February 1919, grouping the sports swimming clubs, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, diving and French water polo, which organizes the national competitions and the selection of French teams. In 2017, the Federation has 316,905 members. The FFN is a member of the European Swimming League (LEN) and the International Swimming Federation (Fina). Since April 2017, the FFN is chaired by Gilles Sezionale.

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation founded in 1920, is the aquatics national federation for Spain. It oversees competition in the 5 aquatics disciplines and Masters competition in these.

2015 World Aquatics Championships

The 16th FINA World Championships, also Aquatics 2015, were held in Kazan, Russia from 24 July to 9 August 2015. Russia hosted this event for the first time. The number of participating national teams (190), athletes (2,400) and the number of medals (75) were the most ever amongst these championships. This was the first time the World Aquatics Championships partially overlaps with the FINA World Masters Championships that have a number of athletes, countries (110) and medals (635) which are the most ever also.

The FINA Athletes of the Year is a set of awards presented by FINA and the FINA Aquatics World Magazine. Each recognises excellence in five categories of aquatic sports: swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming. The award was inaugurated in 2010.

The Turkish Swimming Federation is the governing body of the five aquatic sports, namely swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming in Turkey. It was founded in 1957. The Turkish organization is member of the European Swimming League (LEN), the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and Turkish Olympic Committee. The TYF is based in Ankara and its current chairman is Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mazhar Bozdoğan.

The European Swimming Masters Championships is an international Aquatics championships for adults. The championships are held biennially, with competition in all five of FINA's disciplines: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water Swimming, and Synchronized Swimming.

Albanian Swimming Federation

The Albanian Swimming Federation is the national governing body of aquatic sports in Albania, ranging from swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, and water polo. The federation is tasked with the development, promotion and international representation of swimming in Albania.

Hellenic Swimming Federation

The Hellenic Swimming Federation founded in 1927, is the aquatics national federation for Greece. It oversees competition in 4 Olympic aquatic sports.

German Swimming Federation

The German Swimming Federation, or DSV is the aquatics national federation for Germany. It oversees competition in the 5 aquatics disciplines.

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